Saturday, December 15, 2012

Indonesia: Bird Flu Virus Attack Duck, Deliberate

December 15, 2012
The entry of the bird flu virus H5N1 for the destruction of more than 320,000 ducks in Java due to the element of intent.  Pretext to gene mutations irrational because it occurred in a short time leap.
Chairman Avian Research Center, Airlangga University Chairil A Nidom said that when contacted in East Java, on Saturday (15/12). According to Nidom, if a gene mutation, is not possible in a too short a change subclade .
In Indonesia, said Nidom, three subclade bird flu virus, which subclade 2.1.1, 2.1.2, and 2.1.3. "If a gene mutation, most likely subclade it becomes or or If a subclade 2.3.2 has happened leaps and highly unlikely, " he said.
Therefore, Nidom can ensure that the entry of bird flu virus subclade 2.3.2 due to deliberate. "Could be in the form of imports of duck and duck products contaminated with the virus or importation and the use of vaccination with the H5N1 virus subclade that already exist in Indonesia, but contaminated subclade2.3.2, " he said. 

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