Monday, December 10, 2012

Wisconsin: Seasonal Flu Update Week 48

I posted yesterday that I could not get Week 48 Report, here.  I have it tonight.

36 people hospitalized this week
7 were admitted to ICU and 3 requiring mechanical ventilation (2 were under 4 years old, 1 was 5-17 yrs old)

They are reporting 0 deaths.
Yesterday, I posted a reported 4 deaths.  Here is an excerpt from that post with the link:

Flu season starts out early, deadly

Here is Week 48 from the Wisconsin Department of Health Svcs.

Respiratory virus surveillance report for the week ending November 30, 2012 week 12-48
• Respiratory viruses identified this week :
Influenza (A/H3 and B), Rhino/enterovirus, and parainfluenza were predominant viruses.
• Influenza-like illness (ILI) activity for this week
Wisconsin Low
Wisconsin (CDC level) Minimal
Western Region Low
Northern Region Low
Northeastern Region Low
Southeastern Region Low
Southern Region Low
• ILI activity in Region V of the U.S. (WI, MN, IL, MI, OH, IN) is below baseline levels
• ILI activity in the U.S. is below baseline levels
• The Predictive Value Positive (PVP) for rapid influenza tests is: Low but increasing
(PVP is the probability of disease in a patient with a positive test result)
• The Predictive Value Negative (PVN) for rapid influenza tests is: High
(PVN is the probability of not having disease when the test result is negative)
• Influenza-associated pediatric deaths (October 5, 2012-present)
Week 12-48 Total to Date
Wisconsin 0 0
United States 3 5

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