Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Central Java Poultry Die Off

So far today, I have reported poultry die off in Bali:
Two days later more than 3 thousand of the total seven thousand chickens in the chicken coop owned by I Wayan Ardana, Residents Dusun Awen, Kelurahan Lelateng, Jembrana died suddenly.

And Riau:
As a result, farmers are losing hundreds of millions of dollars. Chief of Department of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Karimun District, Amran Sahidid, said the destruction by burning of more than 16 thousand laying hens caused a lot of chickens owned by residents who died suddenly and after apparently contracted the bird flu virus. 

I've spoken of almost 50% of the duck population gone...

SUKABUMI - About 50 percent of the population of ducks in Indonesia have died from bird flu disease. The spread of the virus H5NI happened in the last ten days of the alleged existence of ducks imported.

According to Ade, the bird flu attack this time was the vicious than ever before.Moreover, cases of death in ducks in large numbers just happened in the past month.

And now, Yogykarta, Central Java:
PanturaNews (Bradford) - Beradasarkan results of the Center for Veterinary (BBV) Yogyakarta, amounting to four people, said that a number of areas
in Brebes, Central Java, found 11,000 ducks died suddenly. This was stated by the Head of Veterinary Public Health and Animal Husbandry Department
Bradford, drh Jhonny Murahman, Monday, December 10, 2012.
"Tens of thousands of ducks that died suddenly, presumably due to the bird flu virus," said Jhoni.
According to him, tens of thousands of ducks that died suddenly scattered in the Bradford District, Bulakamba, Wanasari, Tonjong, Bumiayu and
Paguyangan. "When conditions are like this now, bird flu is very prone to occur, especially in endemic areas," he explained.
Jhonny explained, to determine the spread of the bird flu virus, the carcass BBV Yogyakarta surgery and laboratory tests, to know the certainty of the
cause of death of poultry that died suddenly. In addition to baseline blood samples of duck, duck sempel dirt and slime are also not spared from the
"From the results of these lab tests, the BBV Yogyakarta will be delivered to the Department of Animal Husbandry, and then delivered to the public to
take precaution," he said.
Reported earlier, allegedly due to bird flu virus, hundreds of ducks in the village Limbangan Wetan and Limbangan Kulon, District of Bradford,
Bradford District, Central Java, was found died suddenly at home, Thursday, December 6, 2012. Because the animal is foaming at the mouth, and before
dying duck floundering like a seizure.
Dul Hadi, a duck breeder Limbangan Kulon village, said the duck's death became known only when they want to check out the stables. Hundreds of
animals such as flounder piarannya was convulsing on the ground, and from the mouth of the flock foam discharge.
After learning many dead duck, he asked for help to other breeders to examine and help destroy a dead duck. "There are about 300 ducks died suddenly
belong to me," he said when met at the scene.

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