Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Indonesia: Residents Beware limit hike Latest Bird Flu Mutation

December 11, 2012

The head of the team of doctors handling the bird flu virus from Hospital (Hospital) Dr Soetomo urge residents in East Java (East Java) to be alert to bird flu virus mutation latest.

Vice Chairman of the doctors handling the bird flu Dr RS. Soetomo, Dr. Laksmi Wulandari says latest bird flu virus mutation that might happen. It was, he explained, because of the uniqueness of the bird flu virus than other flu-flu. "This virus can survive in bird feces up to 35 days in water temperatures from 0 to 30 degrees and the nature of any RNA virus where it is easy to mutate," he said, Tuesday (11/12). Thus, according to him, only natural that the bird flu virus had disappeared and then came back with a new mutation.

fact, in 2011, a researcher in the area of Sidoarjo bird flu, Dr. Ricardo, had found some sparrow bird flu from dirt studied . This means that the mode of transmission of the virus that mutates this is still happening.
Given the findings of the deaths of hundreds of ducks in Central Java and East Java yesterday, it is the natural cycle of the bird flu virus. The findings of a sparrow that had infected it shows that the dynamic mutation of the virus. Fortunately, finding mutations in virus transmission is still antar unggas [between bird]. "The hope is that the findings are still ducks transmission among birds," explained researcher Tropical Diseases Faculty of Medicine, University of Airlangga. However, he also did not dismiss if the mutation of this virus continues to happen then it does not close the possibility of transmission from poultry to humans. To that end, he appealed to the people to keep doing the safety instructions when found suddenly dead birds, especially in large quantities. Among the burning carcasses of poultry and other birds checked, when infected immediately destroyed by burning.

hospital Dr. Soetomo last treat patients with suspected bird flu in 2010. However, since the emergence of bird flu patient in 2006, at least five patients who indicated positive bird flu. Of the five patients, three of whom died and two of which were successfully treated.

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