Thursday, May 16, 2013

#Coronavirus: Another Article on The Family Cluster...


Hussein, after liberation is the other of injury Pfyrus «Corona» who was kidnapped and father (58 years old),

 About 3 weeks ago. While confirming health affairs for the National Guard in the eastern sector, the safety of 3 siblings studying in a school in the National Guard, was rumored they infected Balvyrus. While testing and analysis proved their safety. And let Abdullah Al Bin Sheikh (35 years old), yesterday afternoon, white bed that the crisis over the past weeks in a civil hospital, after he recovered from his injury Pfyrus «Corona».
And his brother Hashim said: 'My brother left the hospital, and thank God that owes recovery from this virus, and ask God to heal the rest of the patients. He noted that it was preparing with his brothers' to go to Mecca; to perform Umrah, thank God for the safety of my brothers.Hussein was (28 years old) the other brother of Hashim, left the hospital Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, about a week ago after he recovered from the virus itself.
Furthermore, dominated fears of the virus on schools, since rejected executives Schools record some students who appeared for them signs of a cold or cold or «influenza», or a slight rise in temperature, and sought from their mothers «a medical report from a government hospital, proves خلوهن of virus.
 As seen schools for boys and girls, the phenomenon of wear students and teachers face masks for fear of infection 'Corona'.
In turn, denied the Department of Public Relations and Social Affairs in the eastern sector, the rumors about injuring two students. She said in a press statement issued yesterday, in response to what was published sites and electronic newspapers continues, the existence of two students in middle Abu Obeida, injured b «Corona»: «it is not the health of what has been traded from the students get sick,
Pointing out that «after returning to the concerned authorities, shows that there are 3 brothers are studying in the school of Abu Obeida, see our primary care clinics in the housing of the National Guard, and found that the doctors after testing and analysis, there is no suspicion of being sick. The statement said it was «to contact them later for follow-up, was ensure تماثلهم of the healing»
 Stressing that «came with the news publication, which has been handled through the means of social communication, not from inside a room in the care of King Abdul Aziz Hospital of the National Guard, which is a strange thing could provoke anxiety and panic in the community. As we are keen to reassure the people, and not to intimidate them.
The National Guard and a «infection control programs at the level of health affairs, and other ongoing awareness in schools, and patient rooms, through conferences and seminars which نعقدها in the form of League». 

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