Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kuwait Ministry of Health Issues Administrative Designs re: #Coronavirus

14 May 2013
Kuwait - Ministry of Health issued today an administrative decision on the mechanism for dealing with cases of acute respiratory infections and severe (Surrey), including cases of infection (CK) as a communicable disease hazard affecting public health. 
resolution called on doctors Alalagiyn in both the government and civil to Report nearest for preventive health when entering any case diagnosed the disease to the Report section to prevent infection in the hospital near to ensure the application of the precautionary measures to prevent infection to optimize. 
resolution also called on emergency departments and intensive care in hospitals to convert their workers from the medical staff (doctors and nurses) contacts of the patients who suffering from medical conditions respiratory to the Department of Preventive Health at the hospital to carry out preventive measures to curb the spread of the disease. 
resolution said that to confirm the diagnosis laboratory for infections (Surrey) should consider sending samples for testing laboratory in the portfolio of chilled to the approved by the ministry, a unit of viruses in the Department of laboratories Public Health in the People's Assembly and Laboratory Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kuwait for cases of patients in the Mubarak Hospital in the event of increased cases with Report preventive health results of the samples. 
resolution urged doctors to prevent infection in hospitals, government and private to ensure the application of measures to prevent infection cases (Surrey), which requires treatment hospitalization special cases in intensive care units and periodic follow-up and evaluation of the application of the precautionary measures and ensure the commitment of all parties therapeutic protocols insulation and prevent infection adopted. 
resolution called on departments of preventive health to prepare and send a report on confirmed cases and deceased explaining the description of medical history and the final diagnosis of the situation and the cause of death as soon as possible, in coordination with the Director of the hospital. 
and the role of the centers of preventive contacts of confirmed cases explained the decision that he must limit contacts direct at home with health monitoring for a period of ten days of exposure to the case confirmed with the measurement of temperature daily and ask about any respiratory symptoms indicating that in the event of the appearance of any symptoms suspected between one contacts, it converts the hospital's him for evaluation and treatment. 
and rational decision Department of Health ports and borders to several measures, including issuing a periodical bulletin to the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Health for areas of outbreaks of the flu and (Corona) and SARS and diseases that cause acute respiratory infections, severe required Report reported as received from the World Health Organization (WHO) and its regional offices in addition to the awareness of how to prevent travelers from acute respiratory infections diseases.


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