Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Ministroy of Health: 2 New Confirmed Cases - Practitioners

From the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health Website:

May 14, 2013

Health: the emergence of cases of confirmed infected with new Corona Eastern Province Explained the Ministry of Health that Further to its previous statements, within the continuous follow-up and investigation epidemic virus Corona new, it has been registered two cases new مؤكدتين in the eastern region of practitioners health;, where they receive treatment and are subject to medical care, and wish them a speedy recovery. would like the ministry clarified that keen to provide updated information about HIV Corona, can be for citizens, journalists and interested access to the portal of the Ministry of Health, which is updated first hand. noted that the ministry had already directed a number of tips and medical instructions for citizens and residents to raise awareness of health with the virus, and reduce the risk of infection, and that, inter alia, the means of social communication. For more information, refer to the gate of the ministry referred to above. God save our country from all evils, and Adam on everyone grace health and wellness.


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