Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Coronavirus: Undersecretary of MOH SA: Closed Section of Hospital Mousa To Stop Spread: 30 New Suspected

[Arabic Translation below. I've looked this up. Approximate distance in miles from Dhahran Saudi Arabia to Qatif Saudi Arabia in a straight line is 16 miles or 25.74 Kilometer Link: http://tinyurl.com/cub3oey]
May 15, 2013
Close Hospital and examined 30 new sample suspected of being infected with 'corona' Confirmed that the disease is still under control despite the confirmed HIV infection in 4 Male senior official in the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia's Al-Sharq al-Awsat, yesterday, that the ministry is examining 30 new sample suspected of being infected with HIV «Corona», stressing recording 4 cases in each of Dhahran, Qatif. Dr. Ziad ميمش, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine, said that the situation is still under control, although the Ministry of Health is working with the World Health Organization and international experts to uncover the circumstances of HIV infection and treatment methods of it, which is in constant contact with them. He explained that the registration of cases outside the province of Al-Ahsa does not mean that the virus began to spread across a wider geographical of the last period, stressing that the cases of the newly discovered both in Dhahran, Qatif relationship one way or another with wounded in a hospital Mousa province of Al-Ahsa or King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf. The ميمش that the ministry closed section hypnosis in a hospital Mousa to stop the spread of the disease after recording more injuries among people in the hospital, said: «The registration of new cases may indicate that the spread of the virus is from one person to another within the hospital and through contact with lengthy; because the incidence of show », adding that the ministry is in a permanent state of alert to contain the virus and reduce the incidence of infection.

He stressed explicitly in the Ministry of Health announced any new findings or undetected cases, said «The ministry is working on this aspect in all transparency and clarity. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, the ministry collected samples and examined 24 hours, and said: «mode of transmission of the disease have not yet discovered, as well as the proportion of transmission of the disease», useful that the spread of infection, it is limited, noting that the discovery of the disease in Saudi Arabia was nearly 8 months, referring to the lack of information that has been collected about the virus.

The Ministry of Health has announced late on the evening of the day before yesterday, been confirmed four new cases of coronary virus new virus-like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 'SARS', in the eastern region. It showed that the state of one of the four cases that have been discovered, converged to heal, and the patient was discharged from hospital.  

Saudi Arabia revealed, last Sunday, that the number of cases of infection with «Corona» of 24 confirmed cases since the discovery of the disease last year, of which 15 cases died. In the recent spread of the virus in the province of Al-Ahsa was recorded 15 confirmed cases, of which 9 cases died. 

Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) visited Saudi Arabia to work with the Ministry of Health to study the spread of the virus; likely it seems that the new virus can be transmitted between humans, but it does not happen only after prolonged contact with the disease and a document holder .. It can cause coughing and new virus rise in temperature and pneumonia. The spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) have been reported so far, 34 cases worldwide since the detection of the new virus in September 2012, of which 18 cases died.

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