Sunday, May 12, 2013

#Coronavirus: Health Minisry Confirms 2nd Case in France

From the Health Ministry:
As recalled Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, on the occasion of his visit to the University Hospital of Lille this Saturday, May 11, an epidemiological investigation was launched following the confirmation of a case of infection with the new coronavirus (NCoV) in France in a patient. The latter was hospitalized at the hospital of Valenciennes, Douai and then finally at the University Hospital of Lille, where he is now.
This survey identified hundred and twenty four people who had contact with the patient (and entourage contacts in hospital). Two of them were under investigation this Saturday, May 11 These are:
  • a member of the entourage of the patient, which is isolated in his home;
  • the person who shared the 27 to 29 April the last room on the first patient with a coronavirus infection, the CH Valenciennes. This person, who was prolonged and close with the first patient contact, is currently hospitalized and isolated operation Infectious Diseases at the University Hospital of Lille.
For the first of these people, negative results were reported by the Pasteur Institute, as in other cases previously investigated. For the second, positive results have just been confirmed.
The Institute of Health continues epidemiological investigation to identify people who have been in contact with this new case of infection with the new coronavirus (NCoV).
Fully mobilized, health authorities are monitoring the situation with the utmost care and will communicate any new information.
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