Monday, May 13, 2013

#Coronavirus Hong Kong Dir of the Centre for Health Protection, TH Leung Issues High Alert

May 13, 2013

Director of the Centre for Health Protection, TH Leung said letter will be issued to all doctors and private hospitals in Hong Kong, to remind them to be vigilant, do a good job on the new coronavirus infection prevention measures, and pay special attention to lowered immunity, patients and chronically ill patients, their initial may not have symptoms of the respiratory system, may only diarrhea.    TH Leung, today (May 13), told the media that the past week in Saudi Arabia and France, respectively, reported cases of a novel coronavirus infection patients in health care institutions, the central meeting today and HA to assess the spread of the virus and discuss preventive measures.    He said of infections in many patients with chronic diseases, the case seems to temporarily in the hospital or spread through close contact, No sustained human to human transmission occurs, I believe that at this stage may not be widely disseminated.    

Since September last year, the International reported a total of 34 new coronavirus cases, including 20 deaths, mainly in the Middle East, Europe also imported cases. Most patients are older people, with a median age of about 56 years old, and the male-dominated among the three groups of cases in health care institutions, the three groups in the case of close contact.    

TH Leung urged people affected by the virus to return to Hong Kong symptoms should see a doctor, and tell your doctor travel history.    Hospital Authority Head of Infection Control's Office Associate Consultant Zhuang Huimin said on the same occasion, and report any suspected cases to the HA Accident and Emergency Department staff will ask the travel history of the patient in the triage stations, in line with the guidelines of the patients as early as possible isolation, and will inform the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), and extraction of patient specimens for laboratory testing. Isolation ward will have a separate set of toilet or toilet equipment will not be shared with other patients.

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