Monday, May 13, 2013

#Coronavirus: Housing at National Guard Base Worries Parents; Entire Al-Ahsa Province in State of Fear & Caution

[I did a search for the school (translated into Arabic) but could not find anything]

There was panic students medium Interface Language housing the National Guard and their families after testing injury cases infected with Corona and isolation in a hospital in King Abdulaziz National Guard where he began suspicion, fear and concerned all the students and their parents wondering about the absence of precautionary measures for such cases by the Department of Education and officials.

In an exclusive interview with one of the parents of students for "Hasa News" said that complacency in dealing with the epidemic led to the spread of this is frightening As you can see everyone is worried about his children after testing injury Zmilehm school and I fear that the infection has moved to other private and Third graders average subject currently realizable tests, which shares in survival for a long time in a closed place in the presence of approximately 400 students and the question arises where the role of the Department of Education after learning the news of injured students and which is supposed to be aware of it?

Add to that the housing hygiene contractor stopped work for the National Guard, leaving our accumulated piles of garbage contributed to the transfer of epidemics and viruses and Allbecktiria in the absence of firm intervention by the Department of Housing.

It is worth mentioning that the entire Al-Ahsa province in a state of fear and caution after an outbreak of the virus in many cases against the move and described without the level of the concerned parties.

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