Thursday, May 16, 2013

#Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia: 'Education' calls to isolate show them 'flu'

May 16, 2013
Schools began in the eastern region, the application of the 'precautionary', and raise the level of «caution to prevent the virus 'Corona', 
Including demand from students who they show symptoms of influenza, not to come to school, and communicate with their loved ones, and advised them to review the hospitals,
Especially during the period that precedes the tests, which is a review of lessons. Also started educating students, through the distribution of thousands of brochures by the health unit of the Directorate General of Education in the Eastern Province.
The director of the unit revealed Dr Sarah-Shammari, in a statement, «alerts for the Girl Guides and the officials in the schools, the importance of monitoring the health status of students who are suspected of contracting the flu symptoms, and isolated, while making sure of the situation,
 Stressing that «have not received any communication from schools to injury now, whether symptomatic or injuries, and in each of the schools Dammam, Khobar, Qatif,».
Al-Shammari said, «We have taken preventive measures unusual. We have also distributed brochures through جولاتنا to the schools, in the past two weeks and this, to educate students and teachers on how to sterilization, and stay away from places of gatherings, and other health tips.
They pointed out that «did not issue any formal regulatory circulated by the Ministry of Health, with respect to this virus, unlike the 'swine flu', which devoted its activities and programs unit around, with the aim of prevention and training on how to deal with the cases. What indicates the non-arrival of the virus to schools », afterthought that« the education and counseling of the disease is important to prevent it.
In turn, began Girl Guides Talabiat, the distribution of more than two thousand brochures, students, تعريفهن the ways of sterilization, and the emphasis on and care should be taken in the event of the appearance of symptoms of 'flu', or high temperature, to the students, quickly inform the Guidance Department. With The supervisors Terboyat expressed their fears, because there are «educational missions require us to go to the province of Al-Ahsa.
 One of them said: «refused the assignment because I felt threatened, and that's what I did other supervisors Kelvin educational missions there. She pointed out that the offices of Education «estimated the situation, some of the assignments was postponed to a later time.
While assuring parents of the students, the teachers had to isolate the infected students 'influenza' regular, and asked them to stay at home, «while to get rid of the symptoms of influenza, and check hospitals, according to the student's guardian.
The «synchronize the emergence of virus« Corona »with a difference in the weather, and the spread of virus infiltration normal, and among people with my son who rose temperature, and he showed signs of weakness, asked him to guide the school not to return to school, but after bringing medical report proves safety , and found when we reviewed the doctor that he was suffering from inflammation of the throat only, and emphasized that in this period spreading virus in the air, unrelated »La Coruna», but it is similar in some of the symptoms, and there are fears of people with colds normal in general ».

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