Thursday, May 16, 2013

#Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Family Cluster

This is my own list that I've got going.  As far as I know, the only case on this WHO (World Health Organization) is Hussein al-Sheikh (33).  Below, when I say no confirmation, it is because it is not confirmed by WHO, nor is it on the WHO list. Many articles I have posted and translated out of Saudi Arabia do say they were infected.
I believe the list below is in the correct chronological order of contagion. 

Saudi Arabia Family Cluster:
Article 5/12:
Name:  Mohammed al-Sheikh (56)**Index Case Father
From:  Ahsa
Adm:  Dhahran Hospital.  ICU.
sym’s on Adm: high fever, low blood sugar. (diabetic).  First 2 days were find.
DOD:  4/15
Note:  Coma last 2 days alive.  Former Employee at National Oil Co. Saudi Aramco.
Son:  Hussein al-Sheikh, Abdulla al-Sheikh, Hanan daughter
Confirmation: Sample still being tested.

Article 5/12:
Name:  Hussein al-Sheikh (33), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Onset:  4/18 (3 days after Fathers death)
Adm:  Dhahran ICU
Note:  Still being tested.  Most likely positive.  When sick, temp was high, blod oxygen levels were low.  So tired could walk for days.  Any activity made him cough.  PhD student who studies in Canada.
Confirmed:  No.  Still being tested.  Discharged 5/8

Article 5/12:
Name:  Abdullah al-Sheikh (27), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Onset:  4/29
Adm:  5/1  Hospital in district al-Ahsa
Confirmation:  Positive
Note:  Father Died 2 weeks before his onset.
Recovered.  Released 5/15.

Article 5/12
Name:  Hanan, daugher of Mohammed al-Sheikh
From:   Ahsa
Adm:  5/6 Hospital in district al-Ahsa ICU
Not confirmed yet.

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