Monday, May 13, 2013

MOH Saudi Arabia: WHO commends the efforts of the Kingdom to combat HIV #Coruna


Revealed the World Health Organization that the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has taken virus Corona New seriously, and the Ministry of Health has embarked actually take several paced tireless and effective towards the promotion of public health, we remind them to intensify actions epidemiological surveillance, and begin to investigate about the disease, and activation of research activity in this regard as well as measures of prevention and control.
The organization praised the serious steps taken by Saudi Arabia to protect its people as well as the expertise and information that she could acquire and accumulate in the past and put them in the forefront of countries to control the new Corona virus will have the best impact in the fight against the disease in other countries around the world
The organization said in a press statement issued on the new Corona virus
The emergence of this new virus (Corona) receiving worldwide attention; being one of the major challenges facing all countries affected by the virus, as well as other countries all over the world. Which called on the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to recognize the seriousness of this challenge, and seek the assistance of the World Health Organization to assess the situation and provide advice and recommendations that will contribute to the response to this virus. It is an organization is happy to come here to cooperate with Saudi Arabia.
She stressed that if he had been made available to us that Nlm certain aspects of this disease should not forget that it is a new disease and that there are gaps in our knowledge of the nature of the disease inevitably require some time so that we can be filled.
It added in a statement that he thus could be reached until the present time that this disease causes the infection virus belongs to what is known as a set-virus Corona (corona viruses), a family to which it belongs - well - SARS (SARs). It should be noted that this new virus is different from the SARS virus, but belonging to the same family of viruses has doubled the concern raised by the emergence of this new virus.
As we no secret that it has signed injuries since 2012, though we did not know for sure where the live virus. It has grown to our attention - well - that HIV infection may lead to many of pneumonia, but we do not know a simple infection rate due to HIV infection. It has been observed that more who have been injured so far this elderly are men, and most of them are suffering some health disorders; But we could not explain it, and whether this pattern will change over time injury or not.
He explained that there are many other factors not yet نستوعبها For example, how do people become infected with Corona.? Does infect them from animals or from surfaces that carry the virus.? Is the virus the ability to pass from one person to another.? In the end, we would like to say that we are not fully aware of the extent of the spread of the virus both in the countries of the region or other regions around the world.
She drew the organization that regardless of anything the our main concern - now - is to discuss the possibility of the spread of this new virus; where they cause this virus in the spread of many serious diseases in many countries, although few cases, infected, and still this virus is present in the region since 2012. It reinforces concerns raised about the disease, the presence of communities large in many countries, which reinforce the likelihood move this new virus from one person to another when direct contact between them, has been the pattern in the transmission between persons present;, but on a small scale. Until the present time there is no evidence that this virus has the ability to continue in the outbreak in general between the two communities.
In order said it must be taken several urgent actions. Among the most important of these procedures need to pursue all countries, whether within or outside the region, to increase the level of awareness among the population, especially among people working in the health system, in addition to the need to take urgent steps to increase the level of surveillance for this new disease.
The organization added We have seen for ourselves, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the importance of accurate disease surveillance. When the emergence of new cases - as often happens - All countries reported immediately, and all the associated information and then sends them to the World Health Organization, in conformity with the regulations of the World Health; because this is the basis for which we can increase international awareness diseases and preparedness and response, as well as countries need to assess the degree of willingness and readiness in the event of an outbreak of the virus, in addition to strengthening their core, if you are not on the amount to be, and in accordance with the regulations of the WHO.
She explained on our part, we declare the readiness of the World Health Organization to extend a helping hand to all the countries of this region and all regions around the world with regard to these tasks, and there are some questions that still need to be answered, including: How transmitted infection? What factors of infection or serious complications afterwards? Answers to these questions that will guide us on how to prevent infection.
The organization concluded its statement certainly that there are reasons lie behind the discovery of new cases in the Kingdom, perhaps the most important move to strengthen the system of health surveillance and laboratory capacity, as well as the network that connects health laboratories to each other.

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