Thursday, May 16, 2013

#Coronavirus: Virus "Corona" is no longer under control

May 16, 2013

Some officials said the Kingdom was no longer the virus, "Corona", which hit the region Ahsa in Saudi Arabia under control, after an increase in cases of patients and deaths as well. Despite all the precautions taken by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, but the "Corona" could break all the walls of prevention and carried into the bodies of some citizens, increased toll injured to 26 people, 16 of whom died from the "virus" since September so far.

It is interesting to consider the discovery of two cases of medical personnel were wounded yesterday Corona virus, Aramco in private laboratories, which are used by the Ministry of Health to examine the samples.

According to private sources for the "Arab" to the private hospital in the province of Al-Ahsa has closed except for emergency department because disinfected and cleansed, having discovered the 13 cases, 9 of them died and the rest are still under observation, in addition to the discovery of suspected cases did not explain the ministry's. And fear still prevails the eastern region, especially after the deaths did not know people with the deceased for injury only after death, and the increase in suspected cases daily.

For his part, announced the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia of Preventive Medicine that the ministry is examining a sample 30 new suspected bird flu virus, stressing recording 4 cases in each of Dhahran, Qatif east of the country.

According to the newspaper "Middle East" Saudi Arabia, the newly discovered cases in each of Dhahran, Qatif relationship in one way or another the injured in a hospital Mousa Al-Ahsa province, or the King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf.

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