Sunday, May 12, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Case List and Family List (only 1 confirmed so far)

Here is what I have (according the the Reuters article posted here.  It seems that the family I have been following has not been confirmed yet.  So, I think I know where those additional confirmations are going to be.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah all record CZK cases in each of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam in addition to Hasa, stressing that the ministry suspected 3 Koruna virus cases, where it will be the announcement of the results of the analyzes in all transparency.

Here is my Saudi Arabia Cluster List:

Case Number—Name—From--Onset—Condition—DOD

#1--59M—al Hofuf--4/14—Died--4/19*
#2--24M—al Hofuf--4/17--ICU Critical/Stable*
#3--87M—al Hofuf--4/17—Died--4/28*
#4--58M—al Hofuf--4/22--ICU Critical/Stable*
#5--94M—al Hofuf--4/22--Died--4/26*
#6--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/30*
#7--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/29*
#8--53F—al Hofuf--4/27--ICU Critical/Stable*
#9--50M —al Hofuf--4/30—ICU Critical**
#10-- Abdullah al-Sheikh 33M—al Hofuf--4/28—Recovered, discharged.
#11—62F—al Hofuf--4/19—Died—5/3*
#12—71M—al Hofuf--4/15—Died—5/3*
#13—58F—al Hofuf--5/1—ICU Critical/Stable*
#14—48M—al Hofuf—4/29—Stable
#15—58M—al Hofuf—4/6—Recovered, discharged 5/3

*multiple comorbidities
**with comorbidiity

The entry in blue is the only family member that has been confirmed.  Here is my Saudi Arabia Family Member list:

Article 5/12:
Name:  Mohammed al-Sheikh (56)**Index Case Father
From:  Ahsa
Adm:  Dhahran Hospital.  ICU.
sym’s on Adm: high fever, low blood sugar. (diabetic).  First 2 days were find.
DOD:  4/15
Note:  Coma last 2 days alive.  Former Employee at National Oil Co. Saudi Aramco.
Son:  Hussein al-Sheikh, Abdulla al-Sheikh, Hanan daughter
Confirmation: Sample still being tested.

Article 5/12:
Name:  Hussein al-Sheikh (27), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Onset:  4/18 (3 days after Fathers death)
Adm:  Dhahran ICU
Note:  Still being tested.  Most likely positive.  When sick, temp was high, blod oxygen levels were low.  So tired could walk for days.  Any activity made him cough.  PhD student who studies in Canada.
Confirmed:  No.  Still being tested.  Discharged 5/8

Article 5/12
Name:  Hanan, daugher of Mohammed al-Sheikh
From:   Ahsa
Adm:  5/6 Hospital in district al-Ahsa
Not confirmed yet.

Article 5/12:
Name:  Abdullah al-Sheikh (33), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Adm:  Hospital in district al-Ahsa
Confirmation:  Positive

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