Sunday, May 12, 2013

#Coronavirus: nfected B 'Corona' out of hospital 'healthy' ... And analysis proving the safety of two children

Friday, May 10, 2013
Patient left wounded Pfyrus the 'Corona' hospital, having recovered killed by Balvyrus to, which caused the death of his father, in addition to six others in the province of Al-Ahsa, which recorded 13 confirmed cases of the disease. The left two children suspected of injuries a hospital in Al-Ahsa, after their safety has been established, and no injuries.
The informed source in the General Court in Al-Ahsa, «life», that «has not progressed so far, any person who filed a judicial complaint against any party healthy. At a time of intensified criticism among employees of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa, not to establish awareness programs them, Balvyrus, as most contact with infected, by virtue of their work.
In the late evening of the day before yesterday (Wednesday) left Hussein Mohammed Al bin Sheikh Hospital, Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, after he recovered killed by Pfyrus to 'Corona', which killed his father two weeks ago. The lay brother Abdullah in intensive care at a hospital in Al-Ahsa. Said Hashem Al Bin Sheikh (brother of Hussein): «My brother left the hospital, which is in good health, thank God. We ask God to heal my other brother Abdullah, who is lying on a white bed, in a civil hospital in Al-Ahsa. And stable condition.
He noted Al Bin Sheikh, that his brother «been great care in a hospital in Saudi Aramco. We thank all members of the medical and nursing staff there. Particularly Dr. Said smitten. As we ask God's healing for all of this virus were injured. And have mercy on the dead », pointing to prevent the visit from his brother,« until further notice. It was everyone wants to visit.
But we hope everyone appreciated his health.
Moreover, Al «life», that there are «two new cases of suspicion, in Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Ahsa. And two children.However, it turned out after the end of the analysis, the results 'negative'. The children left the hospital. They are healthy 'good'.
With escalated 'criticism' between about nine thousand employees of Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa, between doctor, nurse, administrative, and technical. Not to establish programs to introduce them Pfyrus the 'Corona'. A number of the employees of the health of Eastern »,« life », they did not recognize until now on how to prevent this disease.Demanding b «hold workshops in each hospital and health center.To talk about this virus, so everyone recognizes the harms, and ways to prevent it.
He was surprised at the number of employees, lack of knowledge of this virus, and that they suffer the embarrassment while draw them one of their relatives inquiries about it. He wished health workers, creating awareness programs by the Department of Preventive Medicine, for employees of all health facilities.
Not only «criticism», on the staff of Health Affairs, but affected others, and directed similar criticism to the Ministry of Health, and dealing with the virus since it emerged, either through «weakness» preventive measures taken, or «slow» in the interaction, arguing to delay the leaders of the ministry to visit the Al-Ahsa, for about a week, the announcement of the registration of injuries. «As they knew before the emergence of injury Balvyrus, according to Mansour Mohamed said.
As he emphasized Issa Ali, the need to analyze the Ministry of Health b «transparency» about the virus «Corona», as well as raise the level of health services in Al-Ahsa, which he described as «low», pointing out in this regard, to the reality of King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf, which is «largest hospital in Al-Ahsa. In spite of this; the level of services and facilities 'modest'. While complaining of «lack of nursing staff and medical». Said مغرد: «cloud has a silver lining. Perhaps the virus open the eyes of the Ministry of Health for its services in Ahsa ».

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