Sunday, May 12, 2013

Statement by the Minister of Health #Coronavirus Kingdom

12 May 2013
The Ministry of Health, out of transparency with citizens, customers and the community at large and the media, confirms that since the diagnosis of the first case of infected (Corona typical) New, who belongs to the family virus (Corona), the ministry to inform everyone of all professional and transparent, and continued to initiate the publication of all cases which is confirmed diagnosis, and since the discovery of the virus mysterious ministry has to communicate with experts at home and abroad and with the World Health Organization, and invited experts from Columbia University to participate in the field survey and environmental; access to scientific results contribute to the prevention of this disease, as the ministry invite relevant experts from Canada, America and the World Health Organization (WHO) for all actions carried out by the Ministry of Health, including visiting hospitals and patients, and access to their files and communicate with all professional health workers.
We have reached the number of infected cases of this disease in the Kingdom since the month of Shawwal 1433 AH, corresponding to the month of September 2012 until this time to the 24 cases, 15 cases have died - may God have mercy on them and Ngmayorm rest in peace - with the consolation and all the employees of the ministry to their loved ones and their families.
It is the follow-up cases, it turns out that the symptoms of the disease is the high temperature and cough, followed by severe pneumonia affecting both lungs, and the diagnosis is made by taking a sample of the course of the respiratory tract fluids, showing that most of the cases have chronic diseases lead to poor patient's immune.
A study of cases found indications of transmission of the virus to the contacts close, but the way the transition and source of the virus is unknown up to this time, and continues to work seriously for further research and survey and study; access to facts confirmed enable the Ministry to inform the citizens and the community for all to achieve their security and safety , and we are optimistic, God willing.

And will continue to cooperate with the World Health Organization and the houses of national and international experience to achieve the safety and health of this nation and its citizens valued customers and society as a whole.
We call upon everyone the need to follow the general guidelines for the prevention of influenza viruses of personal hygiene, wash your hands, stay away from the injured. The ministry will Twavicm any developments.
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

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