Friday, May 17, 2013

Saudi Health Minister: No restrictions on schools because of the #Coronavirus

Friday, May 17, 2013
The Minister of Health Saudi Arabia Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah that the ministry will not impose any restrictions on the schools, pointing out that there is no recommendation to impose restrictions on schools, with regard to HIV Corona, indicating that all the experts in the world and the Kingdom did not recommend imposing any restrictions in this regard on schools, "I do not have any source of the disease, so we demand not being misled by rumors." and between Dr. Rabiah that until now has not been registered any case in schools, and added the disease began situations many, but they have stabilized and are now beginning to like in decline, this does not mean it may not return again on the rise, pointing out that 30 people in Saudi Arabia have suffered this disease including 21 in Al-Ahsa died including 9 cases in Al-Ahsa.said Minister of Health Saudi Arabia in his remarks, published today, that there is no discovery yet for the prevention of the virus, although The ministry continued with several destinations in the world to search for a cure for the disease, pointing out that it still needs research great access to treatment. and went on Dr. Rabiah says: Since the virus began we are in touch with all consulting firms global health, where it was reviewing all procedures were asking questions the experts who said that the procedures in place suitable, and no action than has been.  

Dr. Al-Rabiah, the situation is now stable, pointing out that even if the settled will continue the ministry in its procedures to investigate the disease for the safety of the province and all regions of the Kingdom, and about the lack of equipment to analyze cases Ahsa, Dr Rabiah, that the development of these devices in one place more than experience, noting that each patient is suspected when applied upon procedures until the advent of the analyzes, where they are isolated health, pointing out that the samples taken are Tesferha plane to the laboratory for up examination in the same Today, the fact that screening does not require more than six hours. was the Minister of Health, Saudi Arabia had visited the province of Al-Ahsa to find out the latest developments in disease Corona, and held a meeting yesterday evening with the Health Leadership province of Al-Ahsa, along with an expert from the World Health Organization, where he toured a private hospital which saw the emergence of the disease, and then visited some of the patients and hospital inpatients King Fahd, before holding a lengthy meeting with health leaders to discuss the situation. 

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