Monday, May 13, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia neighbor of victim #8 speaks about suing hospital

[I believe this article is speaking of Ms. Latifa Mohamed (69), my 8th entry of death on my list of cases in the Saudi Arabia cluster]


Date of Report:  5/11
Name Ms. Latifa Mohamed (69)
From:  Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
Adm:  Private Hosp. in Al-Ahsa, ICU
Note:  onset about a month ago.  Stayed at a number of gov. & private hosps.
Was healthy, suddently deteriorated.
DOD:  5/8

Criticized Mohamed Al Ghanim, a relative of the young Mokhtar Al-Ghanim, who died باشتباه injury Pkorona, the performance of the Ministry of Health and dealing with those affected by the virus, unlikely to go to sue the hospital, who died when his neighbor, and reasoned that the neglect of the ministry itself, pointing out that the hospital staff employed by the potential available . 
said for the 'economic' that, despite the suspicion of injury Mokhtar b 'Corona', but it has not been subjected in contact with members of his family to detect or send a medical team to make sure of their safety, and he said: 'I am a lab technician and I know very well the neglect of the Ministry of Health and disregard for citizens evidence of medical mistakes repeated that victimize the lives of citizens without showing any interest or accounting. ' 
with said Riad al-Jaafari, who died of his grandmother to his father and proved to report death of her Pkorona who moved to after-borne among many hospitals in Al-Ahsa between government and civil, she was suffering inflammatory pulmonary and palaces in the heart and pressure in the blood, stressing that any of the previous reports did not mention being infected with the virus until transferred to King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf, in which her ​​face turn to a private hospital in Al-Ahsa to the unavailability of beds in intensive care at King Fahd Hospital in the main hospital in the province. 
added: 'after moving to the hospital for the past two weeks, developed symptoms, which called on the private hospital to isolate it in the last four days of her life that Variqtha last Wednesday. '


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