Monday, June 22, 2009

Egypt: 3 suspected injury from Saudi Arabia and America meeting Sunday attended by swine flu

[Menoufia mentioned again.]

Monday, June 22, 2009 - 14:54
The General Hospital Minshawi Tanta University and the detention of three new cases of suspected avian disease infected pigs, where they were coming from countries affected, and high numbers of infection, blood samples were taken and the melancholy hours, and sent to the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health with the extent of illness, whether or not to have been Altaymflo given the drug until the result of the receipt of samples and their detention places for that.

حيث احتجزت مستشفى المنشاوى العام صلاح سعيد الشنوانى (13 سنة) طالبة وشقيقها محمد صلاح سعيد (16 سنة) قادمين من أمريكا، كما احتجزت المستشفى الجامعى وجيدة عبد العزيز أحمد أبوغزال (50 سنة) موظفة قادمة من السعودية ومقيمة بمدينة قويسنا بمحافظة المنوفية.

Hospital where she was detained Minshawi General Salah Said Alhenwany (13 years) female and her brother Mohammed Said Salah (16 years) from the United States, also held a university hospital and a good Obugzal Abdul Aziz Ahmed (50 years) from an employee resident in Saudi Arabia and Quesna Menofia.

صرح بذلك الدكتور عصام عثمان مدير إدارة الطب الوقائى بمديرية الصحة بالغربية.

Said Dr. Essam Othman, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Directorate of Health meeting Sunday attended.

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