Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Egypt: 9 Suspected of BF - 7 family members under observation

Updated Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 11:20
9 new cases of detention in the west of the suspected bird flu

Held on Monday, the hospital admitted Tanta and Mahala 9 new cases of suspected bird flu patients in her team from the Directorate of Health and Veterinary Medicine to examine the individual and the close contacts of the infected birds.

Detained hospital admitted Tanta both Shehata Mohammed (40 years) of the city Besion, were placed 5 Mkhaltin him under observation, pending receipt of the result of the analysis of the sample.

Also detained Ibrahim Abdou (9 years) from the villages of Nasiriyah to the Center for Tanta, and the development of 7 family members under medical observation, the execution of 7 birds and take samples thereof, and Fatima pole (47 years) from the village of Center Ktamp Besion, was developed under the relatives of the 9 medical observation and execution of 20 birds and 24 samples taken from birds.

Including detention, Ahmed Samir (41 years) from Tanta 4 was developed by members of his family under medical observation, and from the village of Samir Mustafa Shojaeya Mehalla Great, Kawther happy that the village Cbrat Besion Center.

Detained in hospital fevers Mahallah both Mr. Abdullah of Mahala, and Israa Abdul-Fattah (26 years) from the place, and Musaad Kulainy (29 years) of peace Manshiyat Mahala.

And immediately were given the drug "Tamiflu", and take blood and swab samples of their hours, and sent to labs central Ministry of Health to make sure they fall ill or not.

The formation of a committee meeting Sunday attended by the Directorate of Health, veterinary medicine and preventive and local units, to move to the places suspected to be infected with bird flu and a medical check on the contacts they have been warning in the event of any symptoms to go to the nearest hospital will be the immediate follow-up contacts a day, 10 days, were clearing houses and execution of domestic birds in them.

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