Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beijing decided to suspend the carrier pigeon flying activities

    Relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, from now on, the Beijing into the prevention and control of H7N9 avian flu emergency state, stop vacation implement 零报告制度.
    Shanghai from the avian flu virus detected in pigeons, Beijing has also decided to suspend all city pigeon flying, pigeon flying temporarily given to quarantine and certification.
    The city of Agriculture has sent five special working group, the Inspector and guidance of all districts and counties to implement prevention and control measures.Each county animal breeding establishments closed management, is strictly prohibited without quarantine or quarantine unqualified products into the market. Prevent spanned spread of animal epidemic.
    Now is the peak of the migratory birds, Beijing will strengthen epidemic sources and disease monitoring observations of wild birds, to strengthen Park Zoo flocks are monitoring unusual situation timely reporting and to assist in the sampling and testing. City Water Authority will do the observation of wild aquatic birds in waters surrounding area of ​​the City tube rivers, lakes, reservoirs and drinking water areas, abnormal timely notification. The public also minimize the chance of contact with wild birds.

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