Thursday, April 11, 2013

China's Cases in Critical Condition for More Than A Week

In cleaning up my personal list, I am noticing that the critical condition cases are lingering an awfully long time.  Some examples are the cases below.  I noticed if they entered the hospital, directly into the ICU, they were in critical condition.

This case went into the ICU on the 20th of March and did not die until the 9th of April.

Anhui Province
Date of Report:  3/31/13
Name:  Mr. Han 35(F)
From:  Chuzhou City, Anhui Province
Onset:  3/9
3/14 fever 39.  3/15 Comm. Clinic.
Than another Clinic, fever 40.  No relief.
Adm:  3/19 – Chinese & Western Medicine, Chuzhou
Adm:  3/20 – First People’s Hospital, Chuzhou City
Adm:  3/20 – Afternoon - Nanjing Zhongshan Univ. Hospital, Jiangsu, ICU
Notes:  Critical Condition @ time of report.  Contact with birds 5 days before onset, purchased live chickens.  Cut chicken up made soup.   No mutual infections among the 3 cases.  88 contacts are fine.  H7N9 has never been contracted to humans before.  Virus shows no signs of being highly contagious.  All sym’s were fever, cough developing into severe pneumonia & difficulty breathing in later stage.
Confirmation:  3/30/13
DOD:  4/9/13

This case is also going on 12 days now in critical condition:
Jiangsu Province
Date of Report:  4/2/13
Name:  Sang a 48(F) – sheet metal processing
From:  Suqian, Jiangsu Province
Onset:  3/19, fever, dizzy, cough
Adm:  3/30, Nanjing Hospital ICU
Confirmed:  3/30 Jiangsu Provinial Ctr for Dis. Detection
Confirmed:  4/2  China CDC
Notes:  Critical Condition @ time of report.   60 contacts monitored.

There are more cases like this on the list.


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