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Commentary on Past 4 Months of Events Leading Up to H7N9 Outbreak

I'll take you back to December, and bring you up-to-date on articles out of Vietnam and China, with a few enlightening stories on the side...very interesting events leading up to this outbreak of H7N9.  I have been tracking news in Vietnam for years now, and I don't recall their poultry being laden with antibiotis to the point that they were dangerous to consume.  
These are all excerpts, along with the link to the post here at the Pandemic Information News. 


At the Steering Committee meeting national bird flu occurred pm 11/12, in Hanoi, Tan Xuan Thanh, deputy director of the Department of Animal Health said 100 percent of waste chicken smuggled across the border infection remains residual antibiotics...Department of Animal Health has examined samples of smuggled poultry in Lang Son, up to 60% were infected with influenza virus A.


  Status poultry smuggled from across the border massively smuggled consumption of our country which is the burning of the agricultural sector for many years. Work to prevent illegal chicken is even more difficult when smuggled sophisticated tricks, beyond the control of functional forces. In particular, since September, the state bird smuggling rife than ever.

According to calculations by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the average weekly authorities discovered 15 -18 tons of smuggled poultry in Hanoi. 
...100,000 tons chicken smuggled in October. 

In addition to these factors, Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan said, in life super chicken eggs, after hatching until it is condemned, farmers injected 12 - 15 times the vaccine types in the chicken. This is to prevent the disease is mainly caused by the virus (virus) causes such as avian flu (H5N1), translated Coliza, reduced tongue syndrome, also called chicken cholera RU (newcastle); gumboro; beans; chicken toi (fowl) .. .
...When eating chicken antibiotic residues will definitely harm to consumers. In particular, some consumers are allergic. If you eat a variety of meat, the human body can generate drug-resistant microorganisms, oily antibiotics should they cause human disease is very difficult to treat. At the same time, eating chicken antibiotics also reduce the immune response of the body, causing the body to gradually become weak, reducing the resistance. These people can not live without antibiotics. Even some antibiotics can cause cancer for consumers ...

In December, this was also posted:  Pigs in China w/Avian Flu

In the lab, pigs have been infected experimentally by all avian H1-H13 subtypes. However, natural transmission of avian influenza to pigs has been documented only rarely.
“We recommend strongly that the pork industry worldwide should monitor the prevalence of influenza in pigs, considering their important role in transmitting this virus to humans,” said Dr. Zhang.
The article can be found at: Su S et al. (2012) Seroepidemiological evidence of avian influenza A virus transmission in pigs in southern China.

January 9th, this was posted:
... Dam Xuan Thanh, Deputy Director Department of Animal Health warnings, 90% of samples were discarded chicken smuggled from China contain toxic residue and more than 42% of the samples avian influenza virus.

Back to Vietnam, here is a story of a guy, bought pigs slaughtered them, then he died, and they got rid of the pigs..but the townsmen were not happy, they protested...

He sharpened, Chairman Dai Tan confirmed the pigs destroyed the of Vo Thien Born, head of the veterinary and General Tan. 4-2 previously, she Pham Thi Nguyet (42) Binh Tay village pig slaughterhouse owner, Dai Thang buy his 24 pigs Born furnace brought to slaughter sold.
However, after surgery, eight pigs, Nguyet with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, and intestinal bleeding.
..."Right now we do not identify the pig disease that was nothing but two people died when exposed to pigs. First, we will destroy the remaining diseased swine disease swine and submit the form to the Regional Veterinary IV in Da Nang to check the results and will soon have to reassure people, "Thien said.

February 20th - Here's a story on the Migration this winter/Spring:
Schedule and migration path similar Mallard ducks are considered a source of spreading bird flu confirmed for the first time in the country of South Korea. According to the National Environmental Research Institute, Mallard ducks that have passed the winter in the river Gokgyo, Asan, South Chungcheong back in November 2011 to that location in December 2012 through the Yalu river and a number of regions in China and Mongolia. It is known by the position detection device attached to the Mallard ducks by the National Environmental Research Institute. Al-result, it obtained information about Mallard duck, like a nest, habits and migration distance. Meanwhile, the results are useful to provide effective measures to prevent the entry of bird flu emerged in China or Mongolia.
 On February 25th, China actually tightened up incoming travelers from Cambodia:
China's quarantine authority announced on Monday that it has ordered strengthened prevention against avian influenza H5N1 after the disease infected five people in Cambodia last month.

On March 4, the CDC announced a human vaccine for H5N1 Avian Influenza...
Starting on Friday, the CDC began to provide a vaccine against the H5N1 avian influenza and the service will continue until the end of August, the agency said.
The CDC recommended that people who work in the inspection and quarantine sectors, medical institutes and those who frequently visit countries with reported outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu should get vaccinated against the virus.

And on March 6th, we come full circle back to Vietnam and the Poultry with Antibiotics in them...China has been injecting their poultry for years against H5N1, why is there so much residue in them now that they are unfit for human consumption?  Could there be a new strain evolving? 
The first two months of 2013, smuggled chickens still raging inland country as tens of thousands of kilograms of detection, arrest.
Concerns than tens of smuggled chicken samples found to contain residues of antibiotics toxic and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. 
al chicken reappeared, DAH (MARD) has taken five samples of chicken from here, the results show that all five samples are detected antibiotic residues sulphadiazine. Also in Hanoi, Lang Son 4/5 chicken samples to detect toxic antibiotics. Total sample culling chickens tested 20 samples, including 19 samples with residues of antibiotics, accounting for 95 percent. More hazardous, the Department of Animal Health said detected 37 out of 80 samples of live poultry in Quang Ninh positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. This is considered one of the causes of outbreaks and the spread of bird flu on a large scale today. important thing is the chicken smuggling tricks "bald" increasingly sophisticated, more gimmicks. 
March 8th:  I can't recall reading about smuggling cats into Vietnam over the border of China, but this year they are...
TP - 6-3, patrol and traffic control-center Corporation (Rail Road Police Department - Police in Quang Ninh province) discovered and arrested two consecutive transfers large number of chicks and cats smuggled from the border inland.
Thai Binh heading control Mong Cai- Halong force detection function on the vehicle carrying 1.1 tons of cat no papers, no invoice enclosed.

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