Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WHO: H7N9 virus infection source survey focused on the poultry market

From the China Ministry of Health website: World Health Organization spokesman Gregory Hartle said relevant Chinese departments in animal and environmental samples detected the H7N9 virus from the poultry market, was not found in the samples of pigs or farm tested positive for H7N9 virus the sample, so the source of infection survey focused on the poultry market.   "At present we are still not absolutely sure what the source of infection is it (poultry markets) may not correct the source of infection or only source of infection," Hartle said.   Hartle said, close contacts of all confirmed cases of the H7N9 influenza were closely observed, as of now, these close contacts also no H7N9 virus test positive, so far there is no evidence the virus has continued interpersonal ability to spread .   Hartle stressed that further investigation needs to be done, even with the same family members of infected persons diagnosed infection, because the virus may be because of the continued close contact in interpersonal communication, there are likely to come from a common environmental source of infection.   Hartle said, the cooperation of the Chinese health authorities and WHO is very open and close, WHO can get all the information needed. Hartle said, about whether the WHO group of experts will be sent to China, the WHO related discussions, but has not yet decided. (Source: Xinhuanet 2013 April 9 days)

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