Monday, April 8, 2013

Schools Tests All Children for Virus, Metro Passenger's Are Nervous #H7N9

Flu virus checks for students and teachers
From kindergartens to universities, all educational establishments have been told to strengthen checks on the health and attendance of students and teachers and report to health authorities as part of the city's measures to prevent the spread of the H7N9 bird flu virus.

Birds on subway rattle riders over flu concerns
METRO passengers expressed concern after live birds, including a chicken, were found onboard subway trains over the weekend as the city is restricting poultry sales in response to H7N9 bird flu that caused four deaths in Shanghai.
A chicken was first found hiding in a braided bag on Metro Line 4 on Saturday. One passenger took a photo using a cell phone and posted it on the Internet, where netizens expressed concern and questioned the Metro security inspections.

The city just banned all live poultry trade in local markets as a precaution in response to the H7N9 bird flu. Health officials believe people are contracting the H7N9 virus through direct contact with infected fowl.
Passengers became nervous again yesterday after a woman carried two pet birds in a cage onto Metro Line 2.
Neither the subway operator nor police disclosed what happened to the birds or the people who were carrying them.

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