Monday, April 8, 2013

Guangzhou Health Bureau: the existence of the risk of human infection of H7N9 cases

Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau released information on the 8th Guangzhou did not occur to people infected with the H7N9 bird flu, but there are cases of risk, and the possibility will be cases in the form of largeGuangzhou city health department has well related disease prevention to prepare, and the establishment of the H7N9 avian flu prevention and control and patient medical assistance special fund initial arrangement of 20 million yuan, mainly used for the detection, the reserve of emergency supplies and medical assistance.
According to Qiu Chunlei, Guangzhou will set up Guangzhou prevention and control of H7N9 avian flu leading group and the group of experts as consultants academician Zhong Nanshan, and specify the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, Guangzhou No.8 People's Hospital, Guangzhou Women Children's Hospital Medical Center as a place where.Panyu, Nansha, Huadu, Luogang, Zengcheng, Conghua each designate one admitted to hospital. At the same time, will also organize the unexplained cases of pneumonia and major respiratory infectious disease surveillance, epidemiological investigation, sampling and testing. (Reporter Chen Ji) 

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