Friday, April 12, 2013

#H7N9 Zhejiang Prov. Case "Jia" Improves - Transferred to General Ward; "Yang" gets tracheotomy, starts bedside rehab.

[From the Zhejiang Province Department of Health]

Miss Jia yesterday transferred to the general ward, Yang Taibo started doing rehabilitation training


Correspondent the Xia Yan Yan Jiangxin   newspaper reporters Huang Miao Jun Wang Chenhui yesterday, the four cases of H7N9 avian influenza infection in the treatment of the province of Zhejiang University unicameral, outgoing two good news: Huzhou Miss Jia virus was negative yesterday, has been transferred to general wards; Hangzhou, Yang Taibo implementation of the tracheotomy, start simple bedside rehabilitation. Hu Dabo and Shen Tu Dabo, the disease is generally stable, no big changes. 
      Yesterday, the province does not appear the new H7N9 avian influenza. 
      According to the provincial CDC, ended at 10:00 on April 11, the province were found to meet the surveillance case definition cases 41 cases and report, which found that six cases of confirmed cases to exclude the 35 cases. Exclude the 35 cases reported by 30 medical institutions, including 14 medical institutions in Hangzhou reported 17 cases, eight cases of Ningbo eight medical institutions report, Jiaxing (two cases), Jinhua (two cases), Lishui (2 cases), of Taizhou (1) and Huzhou (n = 1) case reports; report of two cases of monitoring cases in other provinces the diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions from other provinces.

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