Friday, April 12, 2013

Zhejiang Case The Only Critical Condition To Pull Back From Dead Line #H7N9

The case in Zhejiang Province, of "Yang" (67)M is mentioned below in this article from the Zhejiang Province Department of Health.  Although he is still on a ventilator, he is in stable condition.  His onset was 3/25, and he also went to a hospital on 3/25, thereby affording him a good change of recovery.

Date of Report:  4/3/13
Name:  Yang (67)M, Retired, unemployed
From:  Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
Onset:  3/25
Adm:  3/25 Hangzhou Hospital (Univ. School of Medicine)
Adm:  4/2 Zhejiang Univ. School of Med Hospital
Confirmed:  4/2 Zhejiang Province CDC
Confirmed:  4/3  China CDC
Notes:  Critical Condition @ time of report.  58 contacts monitored
Update:  Yang’s condition improved to stable reported 4/9.

April 12, 2013
According to Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, April 10 the new media Ta Kung Pao (Reporter Zhang Le) the morning of the 10th, the reporter went to Zhejiang concentration of the H7N9 avian flu patients admitted to a hospital in Hangzhou. After a period of treatment, the part of the patient's condition, there has been a marked improvement. 
      On the morning of the 10th, the reporter through the real-time surveillance video of the negative pressure wards see, and Yang cases diagnosed patients can blink, the help of the ventilator to breathe properly, conscious, able to understand the medical staff expressed stable disease."Because the ventilator is not removed, it can not be regarded as completely out of danger now through our rescue, his condition has improved markedly." Said Academician diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, State Key Laboratory Director Li Lanjuan. 
      Currently seen in public media reports, Yang is the only condition of critically ill patients a major turning point. "Through the efforts of the of multidisciplinary joint consultation and medical staff, can be said that we have sent the deceased pulled back from the dead line." Said Li Lanjuan. 
      The patients diagnosed Jiamou the 9th, the illness also amazing turnaround. The latest report shows that the H7N9 virus nucleic acid in vivo to negative turn a negative pressure isolation ward medical standard has been reached.

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