Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The sniper the avian flu "line of defense" progress but not "sit back and relax."

Timely disclosure of the outbreak, isolate the source of infection, culling risks poultry, pause live animal release Caution ... face the test of a new avian flu, people have seen from the government to the public, for the sudden change and enhancement of the epidemic: the reaction is more quickly, more scientific measures, and deal with more calm. However, the current H7N9 outbreak, look back to the past, the pain of some epidemic as a mirror, after the names of the "short board" and worries of disease prevention Front. Information: a little less "cover to cover" more of a proactive The timely disclosure of the truth of the epidemic is a major change in China after SARS. On March 31, the epidemic first briefing. April 2, immediately start the influenza pandemic tertiary prevention and control contingency plans; 4, 2011, Shanghai culling of detectable virus in live poultry; 6, 2009, the temporary closure of the live animal markets ... The avian flu epidemic, from the central to local governments at all levels in collaboration, the new progress of the epidemic is almost a daily newspaper; rapid introduction of prevention and treatment programs, accelerated by anti-influenza approval of new drugs; the network the rumors quickly get confirmation publish, found dead sparrow anomalies timely investigation ... a series of initiatives to win recognition. World Health Organization representative in China,, Blue Ruiming said, are confident that the efforts of the Chinese track and control the H7N9 outbreak. "Public health event in the past, many government departments have chosen silence and concealment." Information Management School of Wuhan University professor Shen Yang said, a good time to miss the information public. Today, some of the "loopholes" to gradually make up: to face the test of the avian flu epidemic, active passive less; very calm, panic less. Calmly observed a sharp decrease in the trading volume of poultry, Banlangen snapped out of stock and other phenomenon will find that "progress" does not mean you can sit back and relax. The epidemic openly, but in the scientific comprehensive, targeted, easy to understand, and other aspects could be improved. Prevention technology program Shenyang, some announced and announced "not convincing, there are disputes, precisely reflects the Government's emergency response mechanism in the face of major emergencies, there are loopholes. The experts believe that the only timely and accurate disclosure of information in order to stabilize the public mood, industry prices and market supply and demand. "This is particularly important to deal with the sudden epidemic crisis." Shenyang said. Disease prevention: more than prevention beforehand little to remedy the situation. Re-treatment, light and epidemic prevention "concept is to change, disease control network, the epidemic monitoring network, including epidemic prevention system unprecedented attention and propulsion, and the terrible price we have paid in the past when the outbreak occurred in exchange for these advances. But also should be noted that the current epidemic prevention system is mainly targeted at the later stage of human infection epidemic, the source of livestock and poultry disease control link is still weak. Reporters learned some local grassroots animal epidemic prevention in "a shortage of manpower, lack of equipment, lack of funds" missing " embarrassing territory even exists in name only "shell station, epidemic prevention funding is less than grass-roots become epidemic prevention the source of the "loophole". Hai'an County Qu Town livestock epidemic prevention station, Chen Jian, said the lack of equipment, capacity and condition of the prevention and control and found some farmers on the epidemic, "retail, often a staff member to be responsible for hundreds of farmers, it is difficult to play a real role. " Circulation, processing, sales Tache the epidemic prevention vulnerability, dead livestock and poultry "harmless" to deal with the low rate of spread of avian influenza virus hidden. Hai'an County Bridge breeder farms responsible person Lvyu Bing said, the dead poultry processing generally relies entirely on the "conscious" of the farmers, many retail investors will be dead roam freely dumped into the river, ditch, and the dump. "Unsound regulatory network, some farmers may bypass the inspection and quarantine of the government departments, leading to the chickens into the market, caused blight hidden. To a farming professional cooperatives official said. The experts believe that the animal epidemic prevention system should be fastened grassroots "fence" to reverse the network broken people scattered, "the status quo, to speed up to make up for the weak link, and put an end to the light anti-heavy governance" and "assault immune. Jiangsu the MSC Xiannong Wei, director Zhou hair Asia should accelerate the construction of poultry slaughter and processing standardization, the implementation of the fixed-point slaughter, regulate the movement of live poultry trading, reduce live poultry directly into the terminal consumer market, to strengthen various aspects of inspection and quarantine, the increase of dead poultry "no harm "supervision processed. Stability control: reduction in some blind spots to increase the number of linkage The epidemic, the epidemic direct reporting, emergency response, joint prevention and control and epidemic prevention system to obtain the effect. But now, information sharing and sectoral linkage is still one of the shortcomings that plagued disease prevention. "Sometimes outbreak in neighboring provinces and cities, we have been here for several days after notification to the" more serious in the H7N9 outbreak Yangtze River Delta region, a CDC official said, after the SARS Influenza Surveillance network and Infectious Diseases direct reporting system, but an exception occurs, the epidemic information sharing but also "beating about the bush". The experts believe that the agricultural sector pipe poultry, the tube live poultry market of the business sector, the forestry sector is responsible for monitoring wildlife, is likely to cause the lack of linkage between the departments. Fudan University School of Public Health Professor Shu-Guang Li said that some localities and departments of public health events is not sensitive enough, passively watching the wind of public opinion, "to know a lot of diseases know no borders, no fences, lack of responsibility of the initiative, will eventually pay the price . " Shu-Guang Li said, when a sudden epidemic, should form the all-round, three-dimensional pattern of the prevention and control of large-scale cooperation, solve the department, "seamless" problem of information between local, found early control well, The clinic had. " (Source: Xinhua 2013 years 4 months 09 days)

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