Friday, April 12, 2013

Zhejiang Update on Cases #H7N9

      Here is being broadcast live sound Zhejiang Zhejiang Guang morning news, the following is of particular concern. 

      Yesterday, the province has added one case of H7N9 avian influenza, the 65-year-old patients Xinghu Hangzhou Yuhang farmers. Huda Bo Speaking incidence experience, people feel a little weird: chickens, selling chickens, kill a chicken, eating chicken are all right, but why is not eaten a chicken Huda Bo was infected with a virus. 
      Yesterday, the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical Huda Bo's condition changes trajectory.Before, Huda Bo body on the uncomfortable, poor appetite, nausea. April 3, Hu Dabo often buy a local stall to buy a live chicken. Chicken one did not have no appetite. 
      Zhejiang Medical the Second Hospital Infectious Disease Division Director Liu Jin said: 
      [buy April 3, April 4, Ching Ming Festival, they have a custom to eat chicken Ching Ming Festival, farms inside to buy live chickens, kill kill is at home, but not homicide, killing his lover. ] 
      April 5, Huda Bo nausea severity, to a local hospital. 
      [Local hospital has been when a gastrointestinal disease, he would have had a chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, so they gave him the disease rule. April 6, he began a fever, the local brine gave him hung, or digestive tract, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis to rule. 
      No. 8, go to the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical treatment. Afternoon, Huda Bo fever, the first time, the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical sent him to a fever clinic to be checked: 
      [In the evening, the patient has a fever sent to 39 degrees. Basically, we suspect that the patient is a possibility of this disease. Why? Because we asked, he later evening to our emergency room after he the CT above is a heavy pneumonia, and he has a history of exposure to poultry. ] 
      at noon yesterday after diagnosis, Huda Bo was rushed to a hospital in Zhejiang University. 
      At present, the province confirmed four H7N9 avian flu patients are receiving treatment in a hospital of Zhejiang University. Yesterday, a hospital in Zhejiang University also came the good news - the day before yesterday confirmed Huzhou Miss Jia virus seroconversion. LIANG Wei-feng, deputy director of the Infectious Diseases Branch, said she was the best of four people: 
      【situation is relatively stable viral nucleic acids have negative. ] 
      although the virus was negative, not a time to celebrate, because it is far from true rehabilitation, there is a certain distance. Rehabilitation standards, national experts discuss three: First, the body temperature returned to normal, stable vital signs, the H7N9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid twice tested negative. Three are in line with the considered rehabilitation. 
 Yang Taibo, the province's second case of H7N9 avian influenza patients Hangzhou is still ventilator treatment. Leung Wai Fung said: 
      NOW ventilator to maintain long, more than a week, we two days to think of ways to give him breathing exercises, and hope to give him offline training, but there are still some difficulties. ] 
      confirmed the day before yesterday Hangzhou Shen Tu Dabo illness in acute exacerbation of ventilator. 
      [Rescue group discussions, to the patient for intubation treatment, mean that on a ventilator.Originally not on a ventilator, the respiratory rate is very high oxygenation concentration is not enough, so the disease is still very, very serious. 
      Hu Dabo illness diagnosed yesterday also more serious: 
      both lungs have a large stone changes currently still in the acute phase do not know where his peak in the oxygenation capacity was okay, not that intubation treatment . 
      Zhejiang six cases infected patients aged over 60 years, accounting for around seventy percent.A lot of people wondering why the elderly are particularly susceptible to the H7N9 virus? 
      The the reporter interviewed province biological engineering experts, influenza virus has 17 years of research experience of Dr. Guo Chaotan,. 
      Guo Chao Lake said, "no results to support this speculation. However, according to the current situation, this virus infection and human immune relationship." 
Why So far, the province's infected in the north of Zhejiang? 
      Dr. Guo and migratory birds like environment. The Hangjiahu Plain environment very migratory birds like. Migratory birds in the migratory process, some of the virus-carrying droppings falling on the breeding farms, pollution of water and grain, can be infected by eating poultry are then transmitted to humans. 
      Each year are migratory birds, why this virus this year it was? Dr. Guo said, migratory birds each year, will be given through the place to bring the avian flu virus. However, each year a different strain of the virus, the virulent virus does not cause harm to humans. 
      The above is a particular concern today, reported by Zhejiang Voice reporter Yin Chang. 

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