Monday, April 8, 2013

Hong Kong Woman Travels to Shanghai, visits poultry stall, hospitalized, tests Negative #H7N9

From the Hong Kong Health Department:
 Centre for Health Protection announced today (April 8), Tseung Kwan O Hospital received reporting a suspected human cases of influenza A H7 case involving a 58-year-old woman went to Shanghai and Jiangsu had respiratory samples and preliminary test H7 virus negative reaction.    March 31 to April 5 between the female patient went to Shanghai and Jiangsu. April 3 fever, cough, sore throat and muscle pain and other symptoms, bring down a fever the next day.    Increased cough, she Tseung Kwan O hospital emergency room for treatment, is now admitted to the isolation ward for further treatment, the situation has been stable.    Her respiratory samples and preliminary test by the Public Health Laboratory Service, H7 virus negative reaction. During his stay in Shanghai, she visited a poultry stalls in the markets, and their household contacts has not related infection symptoms.    

Department of Health stressed that there has been no human infection with influenza A H7N9 cases, and to remind the arriving passengers, especially visitors to Hong Kong from Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, fever or respiratory symptoms should wear a mask and medical treatment to the medical report its external travel history.

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