Saturday, April 13, 2013

#H7N9 First Confirmed Cluster in Shanghai

I have posted below the two family members that are confirmed with H7N9.  One has died.

Shanghai – Confirmed Cluster
Date of Report:  4/4/13
Name:  52(F)
From:  Shanghai
3/27: Emer. Rm -fever, chills, X-ray showed small patchy shadow in lower lob of right lung.  Antibiotics intravenously for 3 days.
Emer. Rm again (date ?) – shortness of breath.  Put on vent.  Diag: sev. flu, pneumonia, hypoxia.  Treated w/methylprednisolone, antibiotics, immune globulin treatment.
Adm:  Huashan Hospital
DOD:  4/3/13
Confirmed:  4/4/13
Note:  Husband developed fever and runny nose.  Husband later tested negative.  Case had no contact with poultry.  Poultry conf. at local market near her.
Group said animal-to-human transmission and human-to-human transmission are both being considered in her case.
Update 4/13:  Husband Tests Positive - See Report 4/13/13  Gumou (56)M

Shanghai – Confirmed Cluster
Date of Report:  4/13/13
Name:  Gumou (56)M
From:  Shanghai
Onset:  4/1
4/2 & 4/3:  2 trips to Huashan Hospital
4/4:  Shanghai Public HCC
4/5:  Shanghai CDC throat swab sample nucleic acid negative
4/10:  Shanghai CDC sampled again + lower resp. tract secretions.
Confirmed:  4/11 Shanghai CDC nucleic acid
Notes:  4 contacts monitored. 
Update:  4/13:  Wife Tests Positive – See Report 4/4/13 52(F)

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