Monday, May 6, 2013

Ahsa custody of the hospitals patients suspected of having #Coronavirus

May 6, 2013

And continued fears of citizens Mfg Corona virus on the rise day after day while still Directorate of Health devices are silent towards dealing with the disease. Sources for "Today" that a committee of the Health Ministry on Sunday summoned the medical directors are involved in all hospitals Mfg them held a meeting to discuss the recent developments,


The sources confirm that the Directorate of Health Affairs Ahsa is expected to hold a meeting today managers hospitals to maintain, while impounded a number of hospitals on patients with suspected were taking action about it by Tnoém and Hjarham pending the laboratory results about that, still fear is growing in Ahsa of the virus which spread terror in the hearts of families at the injury of one of its members, an increase in temperature, (today) revealed the story of the girl sacrificed "9 years hijacked by death after being struck with the virus, which lacked her classmates in school suddenly after داهمتها heat death while not expect her father Hussein Abdullah Albrahim that communication school him through his mobile phone would signal a prelude to the end of life Vlzp liver, and looked All symptoms appear on the sacrificed in the classroom, "according to sources inside the school," adding that the same sources she was suffering from high fever, vomiting, gastro-intestinal during working hours , and decided the school administration to take action regulars about calling her guardian, and has already attended the guardian requesting to be taken, and we were surprised later the news of the death of the student. tells Albrahim the tragedy of his daughter's "Today" where he confirmed that sacrificed in good health before to provide it with term inevitable, pointing out that on Saturday before last rang his mobile morning by the Department of School Sgerth who died in blink of an eye, to tell him immediately to attend school and receive his daughter, who suffers from high heat, arrived to school quickly and transfer his daughter's fine after receiving treatment, and that just heat will be lost them after doses of treatment, noting that he had taken his daughter and went out to the home of her grandfather until the date of exit siblings from school, and after the noon prayer he left his children and شقيقتهم diseased sacrificed to home, and is only an hour and a worse case sacrificed to يسعفها in the case of fatigue so severe a clinic for close to home, which in turn Osafha to a hospital birth, children, and was received by the emergency, which is in a difficult situation, pointing out that they have dealt with the case of the child a sense of coldness and indifference, He stressed the treating physician to be suffering from cramps and will return to normal after treatment, adding that after the passage of time getting the case sacrificed difficulty has not been transferred to the intensive care unit where the condition requires it, and after more than 3 hours over time the doctor on duty, resolving instead him in a rosy new doctor of Arab nationality and did his predecessor, and a batch of assurances given us but no change in the health status of my daughter, but getting worse every minute that passes by, pointing out that, after that I saw my baby die in front of me, I began to scream to save them and bring the doctor consultant can to save her from this suffering, has been called the doctor Saudi to detect them and asked him about the case of my daughter confirmed it is in a difficult situation and immediately transported doctor Saudi Arabia to the intensive care unit who had died the hours after entering the emergency, pointing out that he did not receive a report of death to this day , calling for opening the investigation into the death of his daughter once overheating, and to take measures to ensure the protection of children in such cases, it showed a number of parents dissatisfaction with the great fear deep lack of official action and concrete steps for the school 25 elementary district Yahya Balhvov, where are requesting sacrificed Brahim taught school in the third grade one of the victims of the virus kroner. 
Sources at the school they had not received any information informally about the death of the student and only the Department of Education to send a team health unit and conduct routine testing which led to resentment of parents and the fear of the spread of the disease within the school while taken the school administration misgivings discretionary about awareness of students to avoid the use of tools of others to prevent the transmission of diseases and the need for breakfast the morning and do not come to school in the case of high temperature or feeling tired and need to stay home to rest and even Aazbbn transfer of infection for students others.

Today - Hasa did not find a large number of people of the province of Hasa what they take precautions and preventive coronavirus only resort to alternative medicine and go to the shops Perfumery for the use of incense and its contents, especially the great demand for black bean "and المستكة" which was confirmed by Attar Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, who told "Today:" The past two days have seen a great demand by parents to المستكه and black bean and some herbs that are used in incense, came this huge demand for the use of preventive treatment alternative and popular after it committed to the health of maintaining silence without showing and describes the most important ways of preventive and curative that can the benefit of parents to maintain in order to avoid the virus, especially after fears large that hit a lot after the emergence of cases and deaths. 
has contributed sites and uses social networking different and by sending Albrooksat in promoting the use of traditional medicine, preventive use of incense, which make a lot interact with it and go directly to the shops Perfumery request of the types of incense. 
On the other hand confirmed the number of students they have not received any alerts or directives awareness regarding the virus and ways to prevent it, demanding the Department of Education to impose it on schools and obliging them to establish awareness campaigns and the distribution of leaflets help to avoid this virus, and demanded a number of parents hard work and diligence to educate students and reassure them of this virus prevention methods and activate the correct programs with the beginning of every morning, especially in the morning line.

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