Saturday, May 11, 2013

#Coronavirus: 8th Death in our Cluster of 15 Saudi Arabia

Corona Saudi reap the victim 'eighth' ..And an international delegation in Al-Ahsa
 Sunday, May 12, 2013

I joined the Saudi woman victims of the virus «Corona» as Gebha death after a month of Mlazemtha bed in a hospital in the province of Al-Ahsa (eastern Saudi Arabia), while the visiting delegation from the World Health Organization hospitals Ahsa, which recorded the death of 8 people, in addition to 13 wounded announced injury officially . It is feared that the real number of people affected is even greater. (more)

With imposed Saudi Ministry of Health cordon of secrecy on the tour international delegation, which includes consultants and specialists from universities and international organizations and bodies, expected to be held Saudi Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah a press conference today (Sunday) revealing an update on the disease, who announced his appearance officially about 10 days ago.

Al «life» that the Saudi minister will announce an update to the list of injured and dead. The number of people on the white family in Al-Ahsa private hospitals and the public. While still a number of suspected cases awaiting the arrival of the results of laboratory analyzes of Riyadh and Jeddah, which takes a long time. And died Ms. Latifa Mohamed (69 years) life at dawn Wednesday, dragged bird flu Pfyrus, 'Corona'. Al «life» that the deceased was lying in the intensive care unit at a private hospital in Al-Ahsa, about a month ago, even the same health deteriorated, and she died. And one of the sons of the deceased told «life» that his mother received treatment in a number of government and private hospitals, and was in relatively good health but the health suddenly deteriorated unchanged. And lose the delegation of the World Health Organization health facilities in the province of Eastern yesterday, also met with health practitioners Anti-Virus supervisors 'Corona' in 'Ahsa health', and exchange their experiences and advice.

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