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ProMED: Undiagnosed Poultry Disease India (AP) RFI

Published Date: 2013-05-06 14:25:43
Archive Number: 20130506.1695235

Date: Mon 6 May 2013
Source: a correspondent who has requested anonymity [edited]

Mysterious poultry disease, Andhra Pradesh, India
Hereby I am sending 2 URL's about a mysterious poultry disease in Andhra Pradesh. [see at bottom]

The following information was collected on some of the affected farms during the 1st week of April 2013. Egg production and feed consumption in the affected farms didn't go down. The affected birds are dying suddenly and varied symptoms/lesions were observed, including respiratory symptoms. The disease is suspected to be [avian influenza] H5N1. Many farms are closed down. Farmers are selling the affected flocks in distress. Apart from the commercial layers, emu farms are also affected. The disease seems to be subsided during the 2nd half of April 2013, but mortality has increased after the area was affected with summer rains.

As it is evident from the report, samples are not collected by the Government agencies for testing. The poultry industry in Andhra Pradesh is very powerful and it is also trying to suppress the disease reports. It is observed that 1 percent of the birds are dying daily in the affected farms (approximately 30 percent mortality in a month).

1. "Mysterious illness rocks poultry business", from The Times of India - Hyderabad, dated 15 Apr 2013;

2. "Poultry industry moots 'hatching holiday' to wriggle out of crisis", from The Hindu, Hyderabad, dated 29 Apr 2013;

Communicated by:
a correspondent known to ProMED-mail who has requested anonymity

[Any additional information on the event described will be appreciated.

India's last report to the OIE on HPAI H5N1 was submitted on 9 Mar 2013, addressing an outbreak in a poultry farm in Bihar, which is -- reportedly -- "continuing"; see ProMED-mail posting 20130311.1581271 and - Mod.AS]

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