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Relatives of patients telling told Asharq Al-Awsat stories relatives with the disease

May 8, 2013
Al-Ahsa: Ali Al-Qattan Riyadh: Bader Al-Qahtani
revealed, medical sources and local «Middle East» the presence of suspected cases infected with HIV «Corona» in more than one hospital in the province of Al-Ahsa (eastern Saudi Arabia), including three cases almost certainly in the King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf , and another case in a private hospital.

Despite assurances by the Ministry of Health that the virus is a cause for concern, the residents of Al-Ahsa province (eastern Saudi Arabia) took watching بخشية, the developments that followed the emergence of the virus suddenly, is right in the province 13 people, seven of whom died, according to the Saudi Ministry of Health.
The ministry sent Dr. Mansour Hawasi the Deputy Minister of Health for health affairs to the province yesterday; to stand on the actions carried out by hospitals, which recorded cases of HIV infection.
At a time in which he talked people with patients with «Middle East» from multiple hospitals that lying where infected with the virus, which is contrary to announcement ministry for limiting the presence of patients to one hospital, explained Dr. Ziad ميمش Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for public health in connection with the «Middle East» yesterday that there are already more than one hospital received cases, however, that the intention of talking about the hospital one is that the source of the virus and one hospital. Commenting «The hospital now receives no case precautionary hypnosis, while foreign clinics work normally.He preferred Dr. ميمش, not to mention the name of the hospital, stressing that the ministry did not take a medical stone to inpatients, and quoted by providing visits with patients.
And follow-up and monitoring conducted by the ministry to update the virus, said Dr. ميمش «ministry did not register any new cases than previously announced, where it turns out that the majority of cases detected was hit earlier.Pointing out that the rate of incubation, a period in which force is the disease without causing symptoms are initially recorded 10 days.
The head of a family died as a result of HIV infection, and was transferred two of his sons to the intensive care unit after the discovery of infected with the disease, as well as suspicion of injury daughter of the deceased as well.
He said Hisham Al Bin Sheikh told «Middle East» that his family lived for days difficult, since his father died as a result of the disease, and make sure injured his two brothers, suspected of wounding his sister (19 years), the disease, pointing out that one of his brothers, an employee in the company «Aramco» left Care Concentrated in the company's Hospital in Dhahran and is currently under observation, but his brother who two years يصغره (31 years) is still in a private hospital in Al-Ahsa and seek treatment in a medical insurance card; he works for a company in the private sector.
And the circumstances of his father's illness injury Hisham said: «My father was hypnosis in the hospital for several days, and then left for home, but did not complete the 12 hours until he was returned to the hospital, and there died last».
For his part, Mohamed Al Ghanim, a cousin Mokhtar Al Ghanim, a suspect بوفاتهم result «Corona», that his cousin was suffering motor impairment and is supposed to be a curvature in the back and chest, but the appointments were delayed more than once before you get short of breath because of This disease is most likely, and died in a hospital in Al-Ahsa.
He pointed out that the neighbor was transferred from a private hospital to JAFR Hospital in the East, and from him to the King Fahd Hospital, where he died at the age of 18 years, pointing out that a study was finished high school last season.
According to the World Health Organization, said yesterday that the two other people in Saudi Arabia have died, bringing the number of deaths in the Kingdom because of this disease to seven, the agency quoted «Reuters» yesterday a spokesman for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Glenn Thomas as saying that six others infected one in critical condition.
He added that the number of people living with HIV around the world Corona of 30 laboratory confirmed infection, including 18 deaths, since the virus that drew the attention of scientists in September last year. And can cause other strains of the virus common colds coronary disease as well as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which appeared in Asia in 2003.

There is no evidence so far on the new transmission of the virus of the disease on a regular basis from one person to another, but there are concerns about a cluster of cases of convergent announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Britain.
Thomas said: «The study of health records in Jordan showed a new virus outbreak since April 2012 with a two cases مؤكدتين, and 11 probable cases, including 10 cases among workers in the health sector.
He noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend screening procedures, especially for travelers, does not recommend any restrictions on travel or trade, he said, adding that all countries should be looking for any patterns of injury 'unusual'.
The World Health Organization reported that there are 23 confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia, two in Qatar, two in Jordan, and two cases in Britain, and the situation in the UAE.
In Al-Ahsa, speaking citizens of the feelings of anxiety among parents of this disease, especially because of the similarity of symptoms with other symptoms such as flu, as it appears on the patients symptoms of cold and shortness of breath leads to pneumonia, severe, in addition to inflammation of the kidneys, as described by Dr. Huda Bukhari specialized in internal medicine and infectious diseases.
She stressed Dr Bukhari viruses Corona constitute a faction large includes viruses that can cause colds cold, and in some cases can cause AIDS infection severe respiratory syndrome (SARS), noting that the main symptoms of high temperature and the presence of body aches, sore throat, runny, cough, The infection can be transmitted the disease by breathing through exposure to airborne spray that is emitted from the infected person through coughing and through the hands or contaminated surfaces, though he did not prove it conclusively, but this is likely.
The Saudi Ministry of Health had made it clear earlier that the National Commission for infectious diseases have not been confirmed to date of the impact of climate change in the region on the spread of HIV Corona, since there are no studies in this regard to confirm this, but it is considered that the incidence of injuries discovered the Saudis in the province of Al-Ahsa specifically in the age group of 24 to 94 years, and this means that have not yet recorded any injury to children with this disease.
And lose the Deputy Minister of Health for health affairs, Dr. inpatients infected with Corona, and follow-up procedures and medical policies that have been taken towards them, and was briefed by the medical team on the mechanisms to deal with the injured and contacts them according to the procedures of clinical internationally recognized in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
According to a statement of the Ministry of the Hawasi briefed on the health situation in the province, and the total cases that have been inspected, and the cases that have been impounded, and the state of Investigation epidemic in the province, and the actions that have been taken by the health-Ahsa, and enhancements and support which has been submitted by the ministry, in addition to lose sections of medical services support كالمختبرات medical and radiation, etc., and hearing from the Deputy Minister of Health to the visual presentation of the health situation in the province, procedures and medical policies that had been prepared by a team of support from the ministry headed by the director of infection control, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, the Assistant Director-General of Health Affairs, Public Health, Dr. Zaki Abdul Latif.
The agent said the ministry «The World Health Organization in constant contact with the ministry, says that there is global action for such cases, we apply the one hand, and provide them with all the developments on the other hand, especially that Saudi Arabia over the State of recorded cases of the disease, which has a total number of 20 case ».
As there is no cure or vaccine for the prevention of the disease. But it absolutely will not displace hope for patients, as recorded one of the cases observed in Saudi Arabia improvement led to التشافي of the disease, said Dr. Ziad ميمش in an earlier statement «Middle East» The treatments provided to the patient who recovered longer drugs supportive and not specialized to eliminate The virus modern history.
And confirm all the medical information not clear how patients infection virus 'corona', and the World Health Organization classified of sickle viruses that infect the respiratory tract, and the symptoms are similar. She «conducted epidemiological surveys and clinical treatment and surveys in the viral epidemic-affected areas.
And Ttzlsl All virus Koruna when it began Arabia in the Declaration of the disease infecting a person and his death in September last year, to proceed with the virus to appear to the world, accompanied by the news announcement diagonal that a citizen of country was fighting for his life in London, and the World Health Organization said that he visited Saudi Arabia, however, Saudi Ministry of Health said that he visited Saudi Arabia for a long time compared to incubation period and the appearance of symptoms of the disease.
At the beginning of November (November) last year Saudi Arabia announced the discovery of cases of infection with the virus of a citizen in a hospital in the capital Riyadh, said in a statement: «is suspected in the case of the citizen and conducted tests and analyzes required immediately laboratories Ministry» and added: «similar to the patient to heal after treatment , and his condition is stable, pointing to send a sample of laboratory tests to an external specialist. And then successive declarations of infecting more than one person, until noon on Wednesday 7 injury suffered 3 others in Al-Ahsa.
The World Health Organization said the virus is not known is from the same family as the SARS virus, who had conquered the world when you start to spread quickly in 2002 in more than 30 countries and led to the loss of 800 people. The new virus belongs to the family of coronal virus - which also include cold viruses.
While medical sources indicate that the virus causes pneumonia and renal failure very quickly, and the most prominent symptoms of pneumonia and acute cough and fever.
The Health Ministry said it had been circulated to all hospitals send samples for testing in the event of suspected in any patient with the same symptoms.
Saudi Arabia, which assured the hosts about 6 million people annually for Hajj and Umrah, according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of annual pilgrimage on the granting of the statements of Hajj and Umrah.
About it, among health authorities take action in coordination with the Ministry of Hajj require requirement swallow next to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah vaccines, as well as other procedures are in Saudi Arabia in the event of suspicion in any case, according to Sami Badawoud Director of Health Affairs in Jeddah.


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