Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Coronavirus: 'Ghost Corona' push the citizens of Al-Ahsa to emergency departments

Patients rush to emergency departments because of the absence of information about the virus
Patients rush to emergency departments because of the absence of information about the virus
May 7, 2013
The number of auditors to hospital emergency departments Ahsa government because of fears and rumors circulating about the Corona virus, which has become a ghost haunt mothers fear for their children.

The large numbers of citizens to go to the departments of emergency even just to the emergence of high albeit limited in temperature Anciaca behind the rumors, which contributed to the spread of the disappearance of information from the Ministry of Health, and the sources for the "Today" that all hospitals in the province of Hasa allocated rooms isolate equipped in emergency departments and hypnosis is a precautionary measure from which to take all measures necessary medical in case of suspicion of any case at the direction of health Ahsa and ensure the safety of everyone, causing fear and panic some parents to take the necessary precautions to disclose the maids to ensure their safety and learned the "Today" that the health affairs to pursue minutes To activate infection control installations government and private health disclosure, and the suspicion, diagnosis, isolation, and sterilization, as well as to examine the health practitioners and contacts of patients,

and demanded that citizens organized several workshops for workers in the health sector public and private sectors to promote early detection and diagnosis of cases and how to handle them, as well as providing lectures on virus in schools. still a large number of parents are waiting for something to offer the Department of Education in collaboration with the health Mfg toward practical preventive and awareness appropriate for students in schools in the province in order to reassure everyone on the status of the virus means appropriate preventive which must to follow after that showed a lot of parents fear big from this virus.

it criticized the citizens of non-interaction site of the Ministry of Health with the case properly, where there are still information is old and is updated on a daily basis, noting that the ministry did not communicate with the community and educate people about the virus Aspects emerging in a simplified manner up to the citizen, where should focus on personal care, demanding pursuing style WHO which showed FAQ as stated to reports of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, which did not send a message awareness one but left the society drowning in rumors without clarification or attention, demanding step process fast as it did Aramco, which in turn hastened awareness campaign for community company in a scientific and updated daily immediately after the announcement of the emergence of the disease in Al-Ahsa, and pointed out the people that the situation is in urgent need of the campaign will be similar to a campaign of avian influenza and transmit messages daily through all channels of communication available written, visual, and audio, and programs of social networking. 

to this, the "Today" calling the 20 schools of the surveyed about their preparations and awareness programs and health provided to the students about the virus, "crowns" where Abano all of them that they did not receive any guidance or information about the disease, demanding school health move quickly to deal with their fears. They revealed that hotels and furnished apartments in Mfg experienced a decline and occupancy rate reached 20 percent two references that relative to the reluctance of tourists by the Gulf states as a result of what recounted by the media of panic and fear of the spread of the virus, "Karuna".


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