Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Coronavirus Commentary by Commonground: Familial Cluster of 4 Confirmed by MOH Saudi Arabia

The excerpt below from the MOH Website, corroborates some earlier posts I've made.
Excerpt from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health website, located here:

Salem GMT (Eastern) began the case of a Victims of a gradual improvement Corona virus, while his sister was introduced العشرينية a large hospital in the province of suspected bird disease and was Tnoimha yesterday The first to complete the necessary measures, in the case make sure injury be the fourth case of the same family after the death of her father's illness and injury of two brothers who are still Mnomin in hospitals different, one in Al-Ahsa and the other in the city of Dhahran. between Hisham that his brother Hussein Sandman began in the gradual improvement, what gives great hope in his recovery, he said

May 4th, I posted an article on two brothers, whose Father has previously died.  Located here.

Hesham Mohamed Al Bin Sheikh and his family, in the event of «sorrow», since lost their father, while lying two members of the family on the family white, in two hospitals for treatment after injuries Balvyrus, who scored 7 injuries in Al-Ahsa, 5 of whom died. The remaining (Hisham BROTHERS) being treated. Said Hisham Al Bin Sheikh, told «life»: «wounded شقيقاي Abdullah Hussein, this virus. They are lying in intensive care since 8 days. And each one of them in the hospital.

My interpretation of these articles, is that the Father has died, two sons are still in the hospital and a further family member, a sister was admitted.  Thus, this is a familial cluster of 4.

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