Saturday, May 11, 2013

#Coronavirus: three suspected cases are negative in France


FALSE ALARM. Virological investigation is ongoing in the entourage of the first and only time infected with the new coronavirus that has killed 18 people in the world since September French.


Last minute: "A fifth case contact was identified in the entourage of the sick patient Samples were made ​​that we know the results later in the day." Said Marisol Touraine during a press conference at the Lille University Hospital. According to Professor Benoit Guery who heads the infectious diseases service hotel, it is a "relatively young" man, whose symptoms are "somewhat disturbing" and also did not require hospitalization.
Relief for three people, further examination for another
While the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine was expected Saturday at the University Hospital of Lille, where was transferred the 65 year old man suffering from new coronavirussimilar to SARS, health authorities announced the first results of the epidemiological investigation among those that could contaminate the past few weeks are reassuring.
A doctor, a nurse and a patient he touched the Hospital Douai and Valenciennes who develop symptoms of the disease were detected are not met. Rest at least one suspect to clarify case, that of a patient who has roommates proven carrier nCoV virus that "further investigations are necessary."
In a "serious but stable" condition
"One hundred and twenty individuals identified [in the entourage of 'Patient Zero'], three, and a fourth in the 10th of May had symptoms that led to virological sampling and placing them under observation in isolation in service of infectious diseases "recalls the statement released at night. "For three people, negative results are to be confirmed by the national reference center of the Pasteur Institute in Paris," the ministry.
The man who contracted the virus can cause serious respiratory problems during a stay in the Persian Gulf, it is still in solitary confinement serving resuscitation University Hospital of Lille, the only area that may bring assistance respiratory extracorporeal required the state still considered "serious but stable" by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Nord / Pas de Calais. This was not the case in particular in Douai hospital where the patient was supported April 29, lack of space to that of Valenciennes where he presented the 23. There, he was followed for a chronic illness and was hospitalized during his last visit to digestive disorders.
Thirty-three cases of infections reported to WHO
Besides the toll in place to inform the population, a dedicated telephone line must be established at Valenciennes hospital to answer questions from the staff of the institution, provided, does not yield to panic. "The teams are perfectly serene" has at least said Dr. Jean-Luc Chagnon practicing in this hospital.
For the record, between September 2012 and so far, the World Health Organization has identified 33 cases of infection in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Germany and the United Kingdom. Eighteen were fatal, including eleven in Saudi Arabia. There is great concern, however it should be noted that this new coronavirus whose mode of transmission is still unknown is "genetically quite different" from that of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which killed more than 800 people a decade ago . 


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