Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saudi Arabia announces the death of two new #Coronavirus

Wrote: ASHA
Sunday, May 5, 2013 22:34

The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia for monitoring the 3 cases of infection Corona new in the province of Al-Ahsa (eastern Saudi Arabia) have died two cases, and one case and their health status is stable, rising deaths virus Coruna in the Kingdom to 7 cases and cases to 13 cases. 

The ministry said - in a statement on Sunday - that the cases are still limited in Saudi Arabia spread. Compared to other types of influenza, noting that the health situation is not to worry about, it is also monitoring the situation closely and to ensure the health and safety of this dear country and its citizens valued customers.

The statement added that the Saudi government continues to take all precautionary measures to Mkhaltin according to the instructions of local and international scientific sampling of them to see if there are cases among them.

The statement stressed that the Ministry of Health is keen on transparency in dealing with all the media and the desire to inform the citizens and residents on Maystgd of information or health and epidemiology of infectious diseases, including HIV kroner, or the so-called severe acute respiratory syndrome.

 The virus Koruna is one of the viruses that infect the respiratory tract, which represents 15% of the viruses that cause influenza in humans, this style is new and not yet exist in the world accurate information about the source of this virus and its modes of transmission, as there is no vaccination and preventive or antibiotic treatment for the virus.

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