Saturday, May 11, 2013

#Coronavirus Saudi Arabia: 25 Recent Deaths in Elementary School Students and 5 Currently With Sym's

[Here is another article, that explains the situation better (regarding the post directly before this one, at this blog.]

Five primary school students and Twenty-fifth Ahsa Asibo-virus "Corona"

Mohammed Sheikh - today - Mfg: I learned that the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa province conducts epidemiological fact for elementary school students and 25 who died recently of her students girl sacrificed Abraham, to see whether the Corona virus and the presence or not.

Sources familiar with the operations of Investigation epidemiological came after reporting one of the parameters of the school for the emergence of symptoms at 5 students at the school to infection with influenza, which are symptoms that appear in all people infected with Corona, and continues to hardware health Find students to sign a disclosure they did not disclose the sources of all ages of students or the school year studying it. noted the sources that the actions of Investigation epidemic that is to work on an ongoing basis is a precautionary measure to make sure that non-registration of new cases, indicating that the symptoms that the students may be flu normal unrelated to HIV Corona, but the directorate dealing with all cases seriously, especially if symptoms of influenza appeared Mkhaltin of cases have been recorded in advance.

The sources indicated that the statistical community has become fears of flu symptoms, where it is believed both showing symptoms of influenza that infected Coruna.

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