Thursday, May 9, 2013

#Coronavirus Commentary on the 2 latest Cases

Posted today, out of ProMed was this excerpt:
The investigation of the recent cluster in Alhassa [Al-Hasa or Al-Ahsa], KSA is still ongoing. Actions implemented and fully applied by 1 May 2013 have been effective to date in preventing NEW cases related to this cluster from emerging. But in-depth look back and search among contacts of earlier reported cases and repeat testing of suspected cases revealed 2 new cases yesterday [8 May 2013]:

- Case 14: 48-year-old male with multiple comorbidities. Start of symptoms 29 Apr 2013 and confirmed by lab testing. He is in stable condition in hospital.

Case 15: 58-year-old male with comorbidity. Start of symptoms 6 Apr 2013. His repeat testing was positive and he fully recovered and was discharged on 3 May 2013.

The 58 year old above is the oldest in the cluster, with an onset date of April 6th.  
They have looked back and searched contacts of earlier reported cases and repeated testing....I would have to think the 58(M) had to be a contact of the 59(M), the 24(M) or the 87(M) listed below, in order to have met the incubation period.

Here is my list:

Case Number—Name—From--Onset—Condition—DOD

#1--59M—al Hofuf--4/14—Died--4/19*
#2--24M—al Hofuf--4/17--ICU Critical/Stable*
#3--87M—al Hofuf--4/17—Died--4/28*
#4--58M—al Hofuf--4/22--ICU Critical/Stable*
#5--94M—al Hofuf--4/22--Died--4/26*
#6--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/30*
#7--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/29*
#8--53F—al Hofuf--4/27--ICU Critical/Stable*
#9--50M—al Hofuf--4/30--Well inpatient ward**
#10--33M—al Hofuf--4/28—Well, inpatient ward, family contact of deceased patient**
#11—62F—al Hofuf--4/19—Died—5/3*
#12—71M—al Hofuf--4/15—Died—5/3*
#13—58F—al Hofuf--5/1—ICU Critical/Stable*
#14—48M—al Hofuf—4/29—Stable
#15—58M—al Hofuf—4/6—Recovered, discharged 5/3

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