Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Coronavirus: Deputy Minister of Health for health affairs workflow inspects a number of hospitals in Al-Ahsa

May 7, 2013
[From the Ministry of Health Website]
HE Deputy Minister of Health for Health Affairs Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Hawasi, Tuesday morning toured a number of hospitals in the province of Al-Ahsa to check on the progress of the working procedures,
The tour included visiting a number of health facilities to maintain;, where he Ma'aleh visited a number of inpatients infected with Corona, and follow-up procedures and medical policies that have been taken on them, and the medical team briefed His Excellency on the mechanisms for dealing with cases and contacts with according to the procedures of clinical internationally recognized in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

He also briefed His Excellency on the health situation in the governorate, and the total cases that have been inspected, and the cases that have been impounded, and the state of the epidemiological investigation in the province, and the actions that have been taken by the health-Ahsa, and enhancements and support that has been provided by the ministry.
It also dealt with the visit stand on sections of medical services support كالمختبرات medical and radiation, etc., and listened Ma'aleh to visually display scientific health status in the province, and policies and procedures medical that have been taken, which has been prepared by a team of support from the ministry headed by the director of infection control, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, Assistant Director General of Health Affairs, Public Health, Dr. Zaki ALABDULLATIF.
His Excellency also met with His Highness the Governor of Al-Ahsa Prince Badr bin Mohammed bin Jalawi Al Saud, and briefed him on the health situation in the governorate. He also reviewed the medical policies and procedures that have been taken by the ministry in the province.

The Minister was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr. Ziad ميمش, the Director General of the General Department for Infectious Diseases Dr. Raafat Hakim, and a number of officials of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa province.

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