Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saudi Arabia confirms that its preventive measures have limited the spread of the virus 'Corona'

[I'm not sure if they are "announcing" 2 new cases, or if these are already on the list.  I have a 58(M) on my list, but I do not have a 42(M).  Also 13 is not a very high number to keep track of.  "Of about 13 cases" just muddies the water.  ]

May 9, 2013

The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia that the preventive measures taken have contributed to reduce the appearance of new cases of HIV (Corona) in the province of Hasa east of the kingdom, announcing the registration of two cases with the virus. 

The ministry called in a statement last night to comply with health guidelines to reduce the spread of flu in general, including the use of the tissue when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, persistent hand to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or disinfectant. 

She noted that by reviewing the cases of the former that have been announced and contacts them, who took them samples earlier been recorded cases of infection with this disease for citizens, one old (58)-year-old was treated and discharged from hospital two days ago and the other age 42) years old and is still in hospital under treatment and in stable condition. 

She explained that the virus (Corona) is one of the viruses that infect the respiratory tract and represents 15 per cent of the viruses that cause respiratory infections in humans and is this pattern a new not yet exist at the level of the world accurate information about the source of this virus and its modes of transmission as there is no vaccination or preventive antibiotic treatment for him. 

The ministry said the past few days for the registration of about 13 cases of HIV (Corona) in the Kingdom, seven of whom died, noting that all the cases are concentrated in the province of Hasa. (KUNA)

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