Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Student suspected bird flu #Coronavirus threaten her colleagues .. And a new patient Dhahran

Hofuf where seen director and monitor the school on a report stating «to prevent the mixing of suspected« where they will be booked at the King Fahd Hospital after taking the tests, and the girl who taught in the fourth grade to end all tests and assessments of the parameters in the school without informing students and teachers as suspected hide this subject for administrators at the school,
And wandered suspected in school and have peace on her colleagues and wander with them in the break before going to the hospital to take the tests and ensure safety of the virus, and showed a Almnsupac to school we did not know suspected them except by her mother after the completion of the evaluation and that there is a report prevents the completion of her studies and mixing days the next three until the completion of analyzes and to maintain her colleagues, is noteworthy that this virus is transmitted by direct contact and contamination of the hands and spray respiratory is a viral disease of acute respiratory and must reserve them Palmakm and gags that were not present with the girl as evaluated parameters,; did not find a young family (p), which make sure his Corona virus and the Ministry of Health announced his injury with patients, but to pray for her son, who became a pitiful state, suffering from this virus and was transferred to a hospital in Dhahran. «Today» met with the father of the young man, who refused to disclose the name of his son and said that we were shocked by the news of injured son and confirmation of the Ministry of Health wound infection after undergoing the necessary tests and make sure that after the deterioration of his health and the appearance of these symptoms. 
and transmission of infection to his son, said: My son is suffering from kidney failure and reviewing the hospital for the washing process permanently With the advent of the cases and discovered showing that my son, who were with the virus do not know until this moment how to go to him and said: I hope the Ministry of Health working seriously on the face of this serious matter we have become live great concern the case of our son, especially after that was transferred to the intensive care unit and confirm doctors that his condition is very difficult and can not be allowed to visit him at the moment and said all we have is to pray for our son, and those who were with the virus recovery. 
On the other hand, Dr. Keiji Vakuda Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization for Security Health on the importance of collecting information Corona virus belonging to know the causes and eliminate it, in addition to providing anti-virus team precautionary Ahsa health information and epidemiological investigation works to reduce its spread in the region and the exchange of experiences and advice in an extended meeting with them came in a meeting which was held at the Directorate of Health Affairs Ahsa and chaired by Dr. Ziad Mamish and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for public health in the presence of d. Connie Bryce consultant infectious diseases from the University of Denver, and Professor Trish Burrell consultant infectious diseases of Johns Hopkins University, and Professor Paul Tambaya consultant infectious diseases from the University of Singapore, Professor Allison Mack Qier Hospital Mount سياني Toronto Canada, and Dr. Jawad quarantined director contagious diseases WHO Cairo, Director of Health Affairs Ahsa Mohsen Al-Melhem and official spokesman for the Ministry of Health Khaled Marghalani. 
, Dar es in meeting many of the topics that belong virus Corona and follow-up developments and most treatments that have been used and look at the health situation in the governorate and the total cases that have been inspected and that has been impounded and the number of people living with HIV in Al-Ahsa, and the state of Investigation epidemic in the province and the measures that have been taken by the health Ahsa and enhancements and support which has been submitted by the ministry, explained the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khalid Marghalani that the delegation of experts will be in the process of gathering information Ahsa and visit the injured in a number of hospitals in Al-Ahsa and the delegation met with members of the Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases at the Ministry of Health, which includes a selection of consultants and specialists from military hospitals and specialized university and government health sectors Marghalani added that there will be a detailed report to the key recommendations which will come out by the delegation to eliminate the virus.

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