Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Coronavirus: Statement from Ministry of Health: 4th Case from Same Family

 May 7, 2013
Ahsa Khbertalim the take necessary precautions to cope with the disease

Started if a invalids virus Corona gradual improvement, while been introduced his sister العشرينية Hospital great in the province of suspected bird disease was Tnoimha yesterday to complete the necessary procedures, and in the case make sure injury be the fourth case of the same family after the death of her father's illness and injury of two brothers who are still Mnomin in hospitals different, one in Al-Ahsa and the other in the city of Dhahran. between Hisham that his brother Hussein Sandman began in the gradual improvement, giving great hope in his recovery, he said

The joy is not yet complete, as was hypnosis one of my sisters at the hospital», pointing out that the development of His brother Abdullah is still what it is.

The Department of Education Ahsa have begun to take a number of preventive measures to prevent the transmission of HIV Coruna to school, He told «Okaz» Director General of Education to maintain Ahmed Balghunaim, that the Department of Education has taken some preventive measures and awareness in order to prevent transmission of the virus to schools, noting that there is coordination continues with the Health Affairs to monitor the situation, pointing out that the Ministry of Education to have procedures for dealing with cases of emerging diseases, reported that the situation in the schools reassuring.

the other hand, continued to the ministerial committee in charge of the Ministry of Health examination of relatives and contacts of patients, and examined approximately 60 people to make sure that their HIV status, as demonstrated some tests the safety of others while some are still waiting for the results.

and the Ministry of Health announced yesterday the first for monitoring three new cases of HIV Corona during the past few days in Al-Ahsa, died, two of them, one Mukhtar Amir Al Ghanim, and one case and their health status is stable,

and Tment ministry everyone that the cases are still limited deployment compared to the types of other influenza, stressing that health status is not to worry about, and they pursued closely and to ensure the health and safety of citizens and residents, pointing out it continues to take precautionary measures to Mkhaltin by routers local and international scientific sampling of them to see if there are cases including, where it is the number of cases registered 13 cases recently.


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