Thursday, May 9, 2013

Corona Virus Repercussions .. Insurance Companies Intend To Cancel Agreements With A Hospital In Al-Ahsa

[I'm not sure they are speaking of the two brothers, whose Father died.  The information I have on that family is]:

Names:  Heshan Mohamed Al Bin Sheikh & his family
Hisham - Son:  1 in Al-Ahsa Private Hospital
Hussein - Son:  1 Hospitalized in Dhahran

May 9, 2013

In the same context, explained the Ministry of Health said in a statement, that the application of preventive measures in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Scientific Committee of the National Infectious Diseases and the actions taken surveys shares - so far - in reducing the appearance of new cases of pneumonia acute pattern Koruna new in Al-Ahsa , indicating that by reviewing cases of previous infection that have been announced and contacts them by taking them samples precedent has announced the ministry, recording two cases of this disease for the citizens, one aged 58 years, was treated and discharged from hospital two days ago, and the other aged 42 years old and still in hospital under treatment and in stable condition. 
And criticized the family Muhaisin on the tongue of one of her sons - who refused to permit his name - that their father Abdullah Almhasin 57-year-old died after being transferred to him the virus while using a dialysis, stressing that most of what hurts the family that lost her father is to continue the hospital, which has caused this problem the reception of the cases and the surgical procedure without that there will be immediate death protect auditors hospital from idleness and manipulation case, which claimed the lives of five people so far.

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