Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speech Marisol Touraine on the coronavirus - Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for that data point. With me, the Director General of Health, Dr. Jean-Yves Grall, the director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr. Fran├žoise Weber, and Professor Sylvie van der Werf of the Pasteur Institute.
As you know, an acute respiratory infection linked to the new coronavirus (NCoV) has been reported to the Institute of Health by the National Reference Center of the Pasteur Institute, who carried out the virological analyzes. This is the first and only confirmed case in France to this day.
I want to begin to tell you that this case has nothing to do with the bird flu called H7N9 flu, outbreak in China.
This case concerns a coronavirus person returning from a trip to the United Arab Emirates. She was hospitalized first in Valenciennes on April 23 and then transferred to hospital Douai 29. She is in intensive care and placed in isolation.
Identifying the cause of the disease has been slow. Yesterday that the Pasteur Institute was confirmed and the case was brought to the attention of the Ministry.
I wanted to inform you in accordance with the line I apply for my arrival surveillance, transparency information. It is in this spirit that I called family. I also warned politicians and doctors' unions.
I immediately asked my services, in particular the Directorate General of Health and the regional health agency Nord-Pas de Calais, which is the region to take urgent safety measures laid down by the Organization World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.
The Institute of Health has, at my request, launched in last night, a thorough epidemiological investigation surrounding this case. It is to look for people who have been in contact with the patient.
International health authorities, as we have a duty, were informed.
I will ask the officials who are with me to give you, as each is concerned, the elements detailed information. I wish indeed to respond seamlessly to the questions you ask legitimately.
That's my line of conduct. You know.
I also decided to open a hotline to answer questions that may arise our citizens. It will be operational today.
The number is 0800 13 00 00  , it will run from Monday to Saturday, including tomorrow, Thursday, from 9 am to 19 pm.
A press conference will be provided by the Director General of the ARS in Lille early afternoon.
The hospital is obviously mobilized Douai. I ask that the work of caregivers, who have specifically requested to be able to concentrate on their patients are respected. I want to express my support in these circumstances and thank them for their commitment confirmed every day.
At the time when I speak to you and according to the information I have, I insist on the fact that it is so far an imported and unique, requiring precautionary measures required by Regulation International Health.
I wish to emphasize the total mobilization of state services to support this optimally, in close collaboration with international health authorities. I want to assure you of my full vigilance and commitment to the public more transparent government.
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